2016 Metallkraft MKS 315 N
Lautertal (Odenwald), Germany
$2,142 USD
Metallkraft saws
MKS 315 N


Subcategory 2:
Cold circular saws - manually - Saw blade dia. 300-349mm
Subcategory 3:
Cold Circular Saw Metal Cutting Circular Saw


MKS 315 N - manual metal circular saw
for steel, iron, light alloys, solid material and profiles
two cutting speeds
Rotary machine head to 45 ° left / 45 ° right
Reducer, low noise running in an oil bath
Automatic diaphragm coolant pump coolant filter
Vise against vice, quick-clamping and anti Ridge JAWS guarantees a precise and Burr-free cutting
side material support arm with roller
Vice 45 ° to the left and right 45 ° swivel
portable protection device ensures optimal safety when cutting
Control handle with safety switch
MKS 315 N
Vise against vice, quick-clamping and anti Ridge chuck jaws
side material support arm with roller
Suitable vise longitudinally movable and thus for RIP cutting and slitting
Scope of delivery
Coolant system
Length stop 500 mm
Control tool
Operating instructions
without blade
without base
Technical data
Motor power 50 Hz 1.5 / 2.2 kW / 400 V
Speed 40 / 80 1/min
Machine vise clamping width 120 mm
Saw blade diameter 315 mm
Floor space 1000 x 1150 x 1475 mm
Weight 165 kg
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Saw head tilted
Vise swung
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