2015 Metallkraft BMBS 220 x
Lautertal (Odenwald), Germany
$2,393 USD
Metallkraft saws
BMBS 220 x 250 H-G


Subcategory 3:
The metal cutting band saw


BMBS 220 x 250 H-G - hydraulic swing frame - metal band saw for bevel cuts up to 60 °
horziontal swivel saw arm bearings
on adjustable tapered roller bearings section range from 0 ° - 60 ° right
two speeds with pole switchable engine, gearbox with hardened and ground shaft and worm wheel made of bronze
Precise and robust tape guides with adjustable CARBIDE guides
Monitoring of the saw band tension electromechanically through micro switch
Vice with quick clamping
standard with length measurement stop
incl. coolant pump, 0.06 kW
with continuously adjustable, constant saw arm lowering speed with hydraulic cylinders, especially for cutting thin-walled materials
the lowering cylinder in the upper position will lock automatically when lifting the saw arm - an additional lock on the cylinder is not required
Scope of delivery
Band saw blade
Control tool
An adjustable stop
Technical data
Electrical connection 400 V / 50 Hz
Engine power 0,75 / 1,1 kW
2 speeds
Band saw blade speeds 30 / 65 m / min
Dimensions of the saw band 2450 x 27 x 0,9 mm
Maximum dimensions (L x W x H) 1200 x 650 x 1800 mm
Infeed height 925 mm
Weight 270 kg
Feed length max. at 1 x feed workpiece length min CNC operations workpiece length min manual operation Saini