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APK 240





Roll Diameter (Standard rolls) 550 mm
Standard drive roll dia. 460 mm.
Upper Shaft Ø 240 mm
Side Shafts Ø 220 mm
Rotation speed 7 m/min
Motor Power 30 KW
Length 3360 mm
Height 2055 mm
Width 2240 mm
Approximately Weight 14.000 kg
Distance between the two lower rolls at their lowest position 980 mm
Distance at their highest position 718 mm
Distance between top roll and bottom roll at its highest position with standard rolls 0 mm
Shaft length, all three 415 mm
Max. daylight between OD on standard rolls 205 mm
Max daylight between OD on standard drive rolls 295 mm
Max bending force of each lower roll, approx 57 Tons (150 BAR)

The shafts are made of NiCrMo alloyed steel. The surfaces of the rolls are hardened by induction technique.

The machine is equipped with universal rolls. For each shaft, we supply 3 rolls as standard. (Total : 9 standard rolls) The surface of the rolls is not damaged for several years when the machine is used in heavy jobs. For sensitive and special bending operations, we will recommend you special rolls. Ex : for tubes, angles.

All types of the machines are produced in our own facilities. AKYAPAK machines are designed by our engineers with C.A.D. technologies. The shafts, rolls and gear system of the machine are produced by CNC machines. After first quality control, the components assembled by professional staff carefully. Then the machine is tested by quality control staff and is painted according to customer request.


• Machine body is steel construction.
• Vertical Bending Shafts.
• Hydraulic drive on top roll via hydraulic motor and reducer and gears.
• Hardened rolls by induction technique.
• Three directional adjustable hydraulic guide rolls for each roll.
• Shafts made of special steel, hardened and grounded.
• Variable speed
• Automatic speed compensation between the top roll and the two lower rolls without power loses.
• Fully hydraulic adjustment of the two guide rolls to guide and straighten unsymmetrical profiles such as angle section.
• Universal bending rolls that can be combined for bending most kind of beams, which means :
Angle bar leg in and leg out
T-bar leg in and leg out
Flat bar on flat and on edge
I, U and H beams the easy way
Small square and round bars.

• Digital display for lower rolls.
• Hardened gears running in oil.
• Control Panel from which all the functions of the machine can be controlled including speed control of the roll rotation and roll adjustment.
• SKF roller bearings in all journals
• Hydraulic installation Bosch, Parker.
• Electrical installation Siemens
• Suitable for “CE”.

Pipe Rolls with machine 4", 6", 8"
Tooling for U,I,H
Hydraulic pull system for H, U sections (this was a $46,000 option when new