Magdeburg, Germany
$5,893 (USD)
Omarv Torino 180 Böschungsmulcher Mulcher NEU


710 kg
Working width:
1.80 m
Tractor mounted:
Agriculture equipment in Germany


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OMARV Torino 180cm working width
Verge mower
Mallets with Hammerschlegels
New device!
TOP quality - MADE IN ITALY!
OMARV is a family business and has been in existence for more than 50 years. OMARV concentrates only on the construction of mulching machines.
for example:
Working width 180cm,
Total width 215cm,
Weight 710kg,
Cat.2 Recording,
jack stands
Required tractor power from 65HP,
Bevel shaft with 18cm diameter
With follower roller (self-cleaning) 18cm, diameter,
Including adjustable skids,
Stone impact protection from metal,
800gramm casting Hammerschlegel
Number of flails 40 pieces
Gearbox with integrated freewheel
Automatic belt tensioner
Central lubrication
2 countercutting
Hydropneumatic shock absorbers
Also available with Y-knives
Other available working widths:
160cm - 5.990,00 Euro,
180cm - 6,090.00 Euro,
200cm - 6.290.00 Euro
220cm - 6,390.00 euros
Omarv Torino E - with external transmission (so the mulcher runs further to the right of the tractor)
160cm - 6.790.00 Euro,
180cm - 6.890,00 Euro,
200cm - 6.990,00 Euro
220cm - 7.090,00 Euro
240cm - 8.390.00 Euro
260cm - 8.490.00 Euro
All prices incl. 19% VAT ex stock Magdeburg
Many other Mulchertypen available immediately.
This mulcher is especially suitable for mowing and mulching slopes (working position up to 90 degrees angle) or trenches (inclination angle up to 65 degrees), but also laterally offset and behind the tractor.
You need 2x double-acting control valves on the tractor, in order to be able to adjust the functions inclination angle and lateral offset separately hydraulically!
Due to the high dead weight of the Hammerschlegel of approx. 800gramm in combination with the number of revolutions of 1,780 rpm the bevel shaft creates an enormous impact force.
Thus even 5-6 cm thick branches, whole bushes, etc. can easily be coped with.
Because of the high number (at 140cm 32 pieces and at 260cm even 56 pieces of flail) the flail is cut the cut material nicely small.
You can easily adjust the cutting height via the lateral skids.
The mulcher also has an automatic belt tensioner, a central lubrication, and an integrated freewheel in the gearbox.
A special feature of this series is the hydropneumatic shock absorber, which serves as an impact protection device for objects.
On the front side of the mulcher, massive galvanized swinging flaps are installed, which should prevent the escape of stones or other objects.
The mulcher naturally meets the applicable safety standards and has the CE mark.
The delivery takes place with a German manual and spare parts list.
We also have mulcher, mowers, rotary mowers, ground reversing mills, frront loaders, rear dredges, plows, transport boxes, pallets forks, trailers ...
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