North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany



* Used Roller of manufacturer's scarce
* Very stable
* Feet to be ordered separately
* Drive: flat belt
* Condition: fully functional with traces of use
* Ideal for the fast material handling
* Expertly disassembled and packed
* Year of manufacture: 2000
Roller conveyor
The roller conveyor is ideal to dovetail machines or jobs in the picking zone and to optimize the internal process. During transport, the roller can promote sensitive and different-sized containers, boxes or other packaging and article units to the task or delivery point and, for example, also serves as a connecting route before or between production and processing machines. Also enables efficient parts in operating and storage and is designed to promote significant flow rates and distances.
Technical data:
Mass of the roller conveyor
Overall width approx: 430 mm
Total length approx.: 100,000 mm
Gave to the role of roll width approx.: 360 mm
Roll diameter 50 mm
Distance: approx. 90 mm