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Vemac excavators
BH5 Heckbagger Anbaubagger Bagger Neu Traktor


max. 3450 mm
Dead weight:
310 kg
Gravel depth:
max. 2000 mm
Swing radius:
180 degrees
Discharge height:
max. 1700 mm


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New device!
Rear dredger Ideal for small tractors
Geo BH5R with PTO shaft pump
The rear dumper with PTO pump has a 180 degree swivel range and is delivered with a 21cm bucket. Optional 25cm, 30cm and 40cm blades are also available.
It is attached to the 3-point suspension of the tractor at category 1 or 2. The tractor should have a power of at least 15HP.
Weight 310 kg. The excavator has its own hydraulic pump and its own oil tank. The pump is plugged into the tractor's tipper shaft and is also driven by it!
For stabilization, the excavator has a hydraulic support on the right and left. Operation is via a cross control, which can be operated well from the seat of the excavator.
Technical specifications:
• Gravel depth: max. 2000 mm
• Height: max. 3450 mm
• Discharge height: max. 1700 mm
• Swing radius: 180 degrees
• Dead weight: 310 kg
Optionally available without PTO pump. Connection is then made via the tractor hydraulics.
Delivery is completed assembled including oil on a pallet.
Delivery by our shipping company possible throughout Europe.
We always have different tractors in stock, new and also needed!
We also have mulcher, mowers, rotary mowers, ground reversing mills, frront loaders, rear dredges, plows, transport boxes, pallets forks, trailers ...
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