Görlitz, Germany
$2,759 USD
Sipma applicators
Boryna 500/1000L.
18.00 m


Working width:
18.00 m
Hopper capacity:
500.00 litres
External condition:
Technical condition:


The two-disc spreaders SIPMA RN 410 ANTEK, SIPMA RN 610 ANTEK, SIPMA RN 500 BORYNA and SIPMA RN 1000 BORYNA are attached to the three-point hydraulics of the tractor and are intended for the surface spreading of granulated and crystalline mineral fertilizers on arable land for basic fertilization and for plant nutrition.
SIMPA has focused its technical development on the optimization of plant nutrition. SIMPA offers fertilizer spreaders that meet all European standards for accuracy of spreading and spreading on the field.
The solid frame construction, optimally adapted to the load capacity, guarantees a long-term and reliable operation of the spreader.
The spreading device guarantees an even dosage of the fertilizer on spreading discs and precisely divides the fertilizer onto the field surface.
The spreading discs, which are equipped with two spreader paddles, spread fertilizer in a working width of 10 to 18 m, and in the case of SIPMA RN 1000 BORYNA additionally in areas of 18 - 24 m.
The spreading discs for field edge spreading (additional accessories) allow fertilizer spreading at the edge of the field.
With the hydraulically controlled slides, each dispensing opening can be closed separately.
The pendulum-like agitator guarantees perfect uniformity of the spreading of the fertilizer on the spreading discs.
The sieves attached to the container protect the spreader from fertilizer clumps and impurities that could enter the spreading area.
The working elements are made of stainless steel (spreading discs, spreading pads and covers), which guarantees a long and reliable operation of the spreader.
The fold-up tarpaulin (mounted on the container) (additional accessories for SIPMA RN 500 BORYNA and SIPMA RN 1000 BORYNA) makes the use of the spreader weather-independent.
Attachments (additional accessories) are simply mounted on the main container and enable the container capacity to be adjusted as required, which allows the spreader to be used both on small and large surfaces.
Boryna RN500:
Border donor 160 euros net
Tarpaulin with frame 399 Euro net
Additional board S250 / 250l 180 Euro net
2nd additional board S250 / 250l 180 Euro net
Boryna RN1000 2999 Euro net:
Tarpaulin with frame 399 Euro net
Border donor 160 euros net
Additional board wall S500 / 500l 299 Euro net
Additional board wall S1000 / 1000l 499 Euro net
PTO shaft inclusive
Transport on request