Tektronix 370A in United States
United States



Tektronix 370A Curve Tracer ***IN STOCK***
Programmable Curve Tracer Tests 2, 3, and 4 terminal semiconductors up to 220 W and 2,000 V. Digital storage with on-screen readout. Automatic test sequencing without a computer. Memory cartridge stores 16 families of curves and front-panel setups. GPIB programmable. Newer version with floppy drive. High Precision Measurements of Semiconductor Devices:*Up to 2000 Volts or 10 Amp Sourcing *Up to 220 Watts *1 Nanoamp Measurement Resolution *Down to 2 Millivolt Measurement Resolution *Waveform Comparison *Envelope Display *Waveform Averaging *Dot Cursor *Kelvin Sense Measurements *Fully Programmable *3.5 Inch MS DOS Compatible Disk Storage to Save and Recall Setup