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Agilent HP 81680A
Tunable Laser Module The Agilent / HP 81680A Modular Tunable Laser operates in the 1550 nm band. This module, with its built-in wavelength control loop, boasts high performance. The 81680A is mode-hop free tunable with continuous output power. This product features Panda PMF output ports to provide a well defined state of polarization to ensure constant measurement conditions on waveguide devices. A PMF cable easily connects an external optical modulator. The 81680A is equipped with two optical outputs. One output port delivers a signal with ultra-low source spontaneous emission (SSE). It enables accurate crosstalk measurement of dense-WDM system components with many channels at narrow spacing. The second output port provides increased optical power and allows adjustment by more than 60 dB through a built-in optical attenuator. Specifications Wavelength Range: 1460nm to 1580nm Max. Output Power: 6dBm Wavelength Accuracy (abs.): +/- 0.01nm Wavelength repeatability (typ.): +/- 0.5pm