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Stahlhalle - Lagerhalle - Fertighalle - Schnellbauhalle



Steel Hall, Warehouse, Lightweight Hall, Hall, Fertighalle, Pitch, Industrial Halls, Commercial Hall, Canopy, Box, Storage Rooms.
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The Kroftman H600 Hall system consists of a basic kit of about 6m length complete with roller door, entrance door and light panels and is to be extended with 3.05m each. Each hall is supplied complete with all mounting materials. The steel halls are especially suitable as a warehouse, prefabricated garage or workshop hall.
Width Storage: 615cm (fixed width)
Height of warehouse: 309cm (eaves height), 392cm (ridge height)
Hall lengths and prices
Hall H606: length 620 cm € 7.500, -
Hall H609: length 925 cm € 9.600, -
Hall H612: length 1230 cm € 11.700, -
Hall H615: length 1535 cm € 13.800, -
Hall H618: length 1840 cm € 15.900, -
Prices as of 01 February 2015 without VAT, transport, foundation and assembly. The length is easy to shorten during assembly.
Roll-up door: 305 x 275cm (HxW), 0.45mm steel, uninsulated, hand-operated, polyester coating, white color, 1 year warranty on system, 20 years warranty against rust and discoloration (model: Janus 650)
Entrance door: 210 x 97cm (HxW), without insulation, color white
Light panels: 240 x 90cm (HxW) transparent roof panels made of PETP, 1 per (round) 2m hall length
Frame: High-strength steel (HFS) 400MPa, main profiles 50 x 75 x 2,0mm, galvanized, 20-year guarantee against rusting, binder spacing 1,52m
Sheet: High-strength steel (HFS) 550MPa, 0,5mm (DIN 57185), galvanized (Aluzink), coating of polyester coating, maintenance-free, 20 years limited factory warranty against rusting and discoloration
To dye:
Walls: RAL7004 * (signal gray) or RAL6009 * (fir green)
Roof: RAL7016 * (anthracite gray)
Inside: light gray
Rolling door: white
Running door: white
(* Small differences reserved)
Roof pitch: 14 degrees
Snow load: Permissible snow load * 1.4 kN / m² (DIN 1055-5)
(* At 0.71 kN / m2 wind load) (Consider the required snow load)
Wind load: Permissible wind load * 0.71 kN / m² (DIN 1055-4) (* for 1.4 kN / m² snow load) (for the whole d, except for the North Sea coast, consider the required wind load)
Weight and package sizes
Transport of the steel hall as stackable packages:
Package A .: 310 x 105 x 45cm (Lx WxH), 1300kg
Package B .: 310 x 105 x 30cm (LxWxH), 425kg
Package C .: 310 x 105 x 60cm (LxWxH), 300kg (roll-up door)
Hall H606: 1600kg, 1xA + 1xC (1 stack)
Hall H609: 2025kg, 1xA + 1xB + 1xC (1 stack)
Hall H612: 2450kg, 1xA + 2xB + 1xC (2 stacks)
Hall H615: 2875kg, 1xA + 3xB + 1xC (2 stacks)
Hall H618: 3300kg, 1xA + 4xB + 1xC (2 stacks)
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