Itterbeck, Germany
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Gülleseparator GS 7000, NEU, eigene Herstellung


In preparation or under construction.
Machine designation:
Gülleseparator GS 7000, NEU


NEUMASCHINE: In preparation or under construction.
EURO-Jabelmann screen separator, model GS 7000.
Own development, own production.
Power approx. 120 m³ / h Up to 200 m³ / h possible.
Consisting of:
Pronar 3-achs chassis, with 2-circle
Compressed air system. Perm. Total weight 18,000 kg.
40 km / h execution.
Separation technology from Börger,
Single pump control, upstream
Central control cabinet for separator and
Conveyor belt,
Conveyor belt length 6 m + 3 m,
Hydraulic swing-out and swing-in,
Hydraulic height adjustment,
Hydraulic swivel device by 220 °,
115 KVA Power unit with 800 ltr This tank,
1800 Ltr Fresh water tank with pump and
flushing lines,
Water hose reel with 25 m hose,
Cable and remote control,
Separator technology Bioselect 6 compartments
Consisting of :
- 6 Bioselect RC50 HP
- 6 feed pumps PL200
- 1 pressure pump FL 776
- 1 filtrate pump FL 776
- 1 rotor blade RR6000
- 1 control
TS content in the solid phase is possible up to 35%.
Construction and construction of our subsidiary BVS Maschinenbau GmbH.
Financing and delivery possible.
Other designs possible according to your own ideas.