1986 ELB SWHZ 5 NC-K
Remscheid, Germany
ELB grinding machines
SWHZ 5 NC-K Rapid


Stock number:
Subcategory 2:
Surface grinding horiz. 400-699mm grind. length
Subcategory 3:
Creep feed grinding machine
Condition info:
Used machine good, working condition


SPECIFICATIONS traversing x-axis (table lift) 530 mm z-axis (cross travel) 257 mm y-axis (vertical) 375 mm Electromagnetic Size 500 x 250 mm Spindle motor power from 2.8 to 8.4 kW Speed ​​ min-1 .. EQUIPMENT / ACCESSORIES pendulum grinding and highly polished surface grinding and plunge creep feed grinding Abrichtapperat side, manual 50mm Diamond MK 0 Diaformgerät Type for wheel diameter 300 mm solenoid table type EM x 250 mm, 100 V; 1.4 A with automatic. Pole changing u. Connector at the control cabinet coolant system 280 l with pump capacity about 60 l / min at 0.5 bar paper filter machine, type UPF paper tape width 710 mm Automatic notification of the vertical movement sparking out after reaching the dominant Asses Probing the autom. Vertical movement to achieve the dominance Asses incremental measuring systems for straight-beam u. Qürbewegung with digital readout display the current consumption for the spindle machine light splash guard grinding wheel grinding wheels SWN 5112 Installation elements with 1 wheel documentation