SUPERFICI ETC 3/2 OVEN (VERTICAL) [FO-010396] in Italy

$218,800 USD
ETC 3/2


Why pay more for new when you can find a SUPERFICI "Vertical Oven" like this for just about 1/2 the price!
Condition info:
(9-10) Rebuilt w/Warranty [10]
Current status:
480 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
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SUPERFICI "ETC 3/2" VERTICAL "Hot Water Heated" Drying Oven with (52) Trays - COMPLETELY RECONDITIONED: Technical Specifications: - Total height: 5,205 mm (17’)- Number of belt trays: (52)- Useful belt trays: 51 and PVC type belt material.- Rack clearance: 90 mm (3-5/8�), useful 60 mm (2-3/8")- Total air supply: 9,000 cbm/Hr (5,300 CFM)- Working width: 1,300 mm (52�)- Tray working length: 3,500 mm (11-½’)- Belt speed: 3 - 15 MPM (10 - 50 FPM) or 2 - 10 MPM (7 - 32 FPM)- Compressed Air consumption: 200 N/Min (7 CFM)- Installed electrical power: 20 kW- Heating capacity: 50,000 Kcal/Hr (200,000 BTU/Hr)- Heating fluid, hot water 90° CelciusThe DRYER Consist of three (3) Sections:• The lower section, for loading and unloading of the belt trays and for their transfer;• The intermediate section , contains the trays and all devices for air distribution;• The upper section, where all lift and transfer devices are located.The Dryer is then completed by a separated air supply unit with fine air filtration.The air supply and exhaust system have been studied for the optimum air distribution in the Flash-Off, Drying and Cooling zones.STRUCTURE: The Dryer housing is made of structural steel with side walls and roof made of a 40 mm (1-5/8") thick insulating sandwich panel. Four (4) access doors are provided as well as transparent openings at the in-feed and out-feed sides.TRAYS: The trays are made of galvanized steel sides, frames and plate. Belts are in guided construction, in PVC, and are driven by a gear motor with speed adjustment.DRIVE: Belts are driven by a gear motor as above indicated. Up and down movement is obtained with gears and chains driven by a self braking gear motors, installed in the upper section. Lateral transfer of trays is as well obtained with gears and chains driven by a gear motor.THERMOVENTILATING SYSTEM: The high efficiency thermo ventilating system is divided into (4) Zones:Flash-Off Zone, with a ventilating unit which takes air from indoor or from the cooling zone, and blows it outside(2) Drying Zones, each with self-contained ventilating unit having opposed airflow. There is a heating battery with an automatic thermo-regulation control system.Cooling Zone: A fan takes the air from indoor or outdoor to allow cooling. The overall necessary air is taken from indoor or outdoor by means of a fan with prefiltering box, equipped with a Ventilated Zone.ELECTRIC COMPONENTS: Auxiliaries such as photocells, proximity switches, solenoid valves and gear motors are preassembled and completely connected with electric wiring up to separated junction boxes for power and controls; installed at one point on the oven housing.CONTROL CABINET: It contains all the controls for the mechanic and ventilation systems, as well as the electronic components.A panel with luminous signals for operation diagnostic is fitted on the front.