Neuenrade, Germany
$11,642 USD
Sapp Anlagenbau
Sapp Anlagenbau Neupreis50.000


Type of machine:
Floor panels (wet)
Lacquer machines
Subcategory 2:
Wood working machines


Floor panels (wet) Sapp Anlagenbau
used machine
Super modern stainless steel spray booth
Spray wall with rear sprinkler water
Execution such as photo and drawings
Stainless steel paint spray booth with maximum values of the vagina:
The work back by 3m x 1, 7m = 5,1 m2 is water-berieselt, i.e. a continuous
Water flooding washes the paint overspray from the cabin wall, or takes
Paint particles directly out of the over spray on. The exhaust air leads the remaining paint particle flow
by a filtering device, the exhaust emissions are significantly lower than the
allowed values. The main amount of paint from overspray is using coagulant
bound and removed the tray. The water is the bulkhead
again fed using the circulation procedure.
Electric power for the water pump 2.5 KW
Electric power supply for the circulating air blower 5.0 KW
Exhaust volume 9,000 m3 / h
Water pump output 60 m3 / h
Built in 2005
The system is little used and is in very good condition
New price of the plant 40.000,-to 50.000,-
Price negotiable 15.000,-
2 / 2
Working width 3,000 mm
Working height 1700 mm
Total height with blower approx. 3,700 mm
Weight approx. 1,800 kg