Moberly, MO, USA
$299,500 USD


reduction of moisture content in material
Industrial use:
Rotary dryers are capable of drying a wide variety of materials, making them useful in numerous industries, including food processing, mining and the ceramic and chemical industries.
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Materials that can be processed:
grains, citrus and potato by-products, spices, nuts, metal concentrates, aluminum, coal, limestone, fluorescent lamp powder, ceramic powders, silica, sand, synthetic resins and a variety of other materials


Vulcan® 3620 Rotary Dryer - 36" diameter x 20' long parallel flow rotary dryer. Dryer chain and sprocket drive powered by a 5 hp electric motor. Final drive speed of 5 rpm. Features include grooved trunnions with adjustable pillow block bearings, 1 sq. ft. diameter vapor outlet, flights and oversized drop-out box. Just refurbished with new feed and discharge breaching, combustion chamber and 2" insulation with aluminum wrap for heat retention.
Combustion Chamber and Burner
The dryer includes combustion chamber and natural gas burner. The fiber refractory lined combustion chamber isolates the flame from heat sensitive feeds. Additionally, on the back of the chamber is a cooling air control valve to vary the maximum furnace temperature. The natural gas burner is a 2 MMBtu/hr. RatioMatic burner manufactured by Eclipse. This nozzle mix burner touts low emissions and simple operation since there is no air to gas linkage to adjust - the air to fuel ratio is controlled through a ratio regulator. Gas train included.
Feed and Discharge Equipment
Feed equipment includes hopper, rotary airlock, and injection screw. The feed hopper is approximately 0.87 cubic yards and sits atop a WM Meyer 12 x 12 HDX 8 vane model rotary airlock. The airlock is chain driven by an electric motor and gear reducer with a final drive speed of 3 rpm. Discharged material from the airlock feeds the injection screw. 12" diameter stainless steel screw feed conveyor. 9" diameter carbon steel screw discharge conveyor. Water cooling spray manifold included.
Optional equipment available for an additional price: cyclone, baghouse and induction air blower.