2007 VETAPHONE Corona Plus CP
Strakonice, Czech Republic
$16,717 USD
Corona Plus CP 5 TF 415


Subcategory 2:
Pretreatment generator
Condition info:
Used machine Good condition
Plastic machinery
Subcategory 2:
Printing machinery


High performance, computerized corona pretreatment generators The CP-series is a complete range of highly efficient, fully computerized Corona-Plus generators working with the IGBT, DPC and PWM technique, whereby a wide range of power control combined with high efficiency and low energy loss possible is. The CP-5 generator is supplied in: 12KW Each is equipped with proportional control for web speed and using the option for the display screen of the respective generator output in KW or the supplied discharge Watt-min / m. Two important features of the CP-generator series are their user-friendly design with the ease of use and ability from the 24 hours of production under difficult conditions. The CP-generators are self-diagnosing and both the internal and the external functions are continuously checked by a monitoring system. Any malfunction is immediately displayed on a control panel. The control panel is portable and can be used for remote control in a central control panel for the entire Maschinensteürung. The generator works with a resonant system, which ensures a gentle and uniform treatment without the risk of breakdowns. The CP-generator operates at a transistor-controlled frequency of about 20 KHz. The maintenance of the generator is carried out from the front side. D [...Technical data truncated]