Mettingen, Germany
Landmaschinen Neuhaus
Gemuesewaesche, Kartoffelwaschmaschine Modell 850




Potato washing, vegetable washing machine model 850
For carrots, potatoes, celery, beetroots, etc ... with a drum length of 800 mm and a drum diameter of 850 mm.
Spray beverages for potatoes, carrots, beetroot, beet, radish, sugar beet as well as all other tubers without foliage, but also for nuts, cherry cores, etc.
This laundry is designed as a "batch wash" for intensive cleaning of difficult-to-clean laundry products, but also as a continuous wash for light soiling. Due to the intensive friction of the laundry product and the spray nozzles in the drum you achieve an excellent wash result
The speed of the washing drum is infinitely adjustable by means of a handwheel, which allows you to adjust the laundry optimally to the laundry load. Compare here other manufacturers, which offer this option only at an extra price with a weaker engine power!
In the standard version, the washing drum is provided with long holes, the inner side has been treated once more, so that an absolutely smooth surface is formed in the drum. Rubber drums in the drum ensure that a good friction of the product comes together. On request any kind of hole (long hole, round hole as well as various diameters) is possible. The waste water flows downwards through a funnel.
By opening the rotary valve by means of a hand crank on the outlet side, the laundry is emptied when the drum rotates. It runs through a specially shaped outlet slide into the following technique (crates, conveyor belt, reading table, etc.)
The washing drum is guided with two drive shafts and 4 V-belts. It is also worth comparing with the competition, where only two belts and one drive shaft are used. The motor and the two drive shafts are located outside the wet area. Only standard components are used, which guarantee the utmost reliability.
On request, the production is also made of stainless steel. There are of course also various other drum lengths available. Since this laundry is produced in our own production, we are very flexible when it comes to the needs of our customers.
Ask us, we will advise you !