Agilent HP 3586a in United
United States
$12,985 USD


Test and Measurement
No replacement.
Noise level:
As low as -120 dBm
Frequency display:
9 digit LED
Amplitude resolution:
.01 dB
Frequency resolution:
0.1 Hz
Amplitude measurement range:
+25 to -120 dBm
Image rejection (100-132 mhz):
-80 dBc
Subcategory 2:


hp 3586a selective level meter 50hz-32mhz
The HP
and 3586B selective level meters offer the high performance needed to meet the demanding requirements in the design, manufacture, commissioning, and maintenance of Frequency Division Multiplex (FDM) systems and for general purpose wave analysis and frequency synthesis. The 3586A meets CCITT requirements, and the 3586B meets North American (Bell) standards. They are fully programmable over the HP Interface Bus.
The 3586A and B selective level meters provide a unique combination of features, including wideband power and optional telephone impairment measurement of impulse noise, phase jitter, noise with tone, and signal-to-noise-with-tone ratio. The wide frequency coverage to 32.5 MHz of the 3586A and B allows measurements to be made at both voice channel and carrier frequencies. Microprocessor control adds many ease-of-use features such as amplitude offset measurements of tone and noise level in units of dBMO, dBrnCO, or dBpWO. Convenience features include simultaneous analog and digital level displays, precise frequency setting with the HP fractional N synthesized local oscillator, accurate frequency counter, and tone measurements with automatic channel alignment for 800 Hz (CCITT) or 1004 Hz (Bell) test tone or carrier frequency reference.
The 3586A and B can make both carrier frequency measurements to 32.5 MHz and voice channel measurements from 50 Hz to 100 kHz. You can measure tone levels, idle channel noise, or weighted noise at voice channel, then compare at carrier frequency.
The transmission impairments capability permits phase jitter, weighted noise, noise-with-tone, signal-to-noise-with-tone-ratio, and single level impulse noise measurements.
Frequency range signal inputs:
75 Ω unbalanced: 200 Hz to 32.5 MHz (connector: BNC)
150 Ω balanced: 4 kHz to 1 MHz (connector: Siemens 3-prong 9 Rel-6AC)
600 Ω balanced: 100 Hz to 108 kHz (connector: Siemens 3-prong 9 Rel-6AC)
Frequency resolution: 0.1 Hz
Frequency display: 9 digit LED
Amplitude measurement range: +25 to -120 dBm
Amplitude resolution: .01 dB
Dynamic range:
Image rejection (100-132 MHz): -80 dBc
IF rejection: 15625 Hz: -80 dBc; 50 MHz: -60 dBc
Non-Harmonic spurious signals: >1600 Hz offset: -80 dBc; 300 Hz to 1600 Hz offset: -75 dBc
Residual spurious signals: ≥350 Hz: -115 dBm; 4 kHz on 75 Ω and 600 Ω inputs, Low Distortion Mode
Noise level: As low as -120 dBm