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JBL GM 07-100 HMV GM
Perth, Australia
GM 07-100


Thread range bsp:
1/2" - 4"
Spindle motor, kw:
Thread range metric:
M16 - M100
Thread cutting range, mm:
16-100 (option 115)
Max torque at spindle, nm:
Spindle bore diameter, mm:
Spindle variable speed, rpm:
Thread range witworth & unc:
5/8" - 3"
Max thread cutting length, standard, mm:
Cutting speed, standard, m/min - steel rm350n/mm:
up to 15
Cutting speed, coated dies, m/min - steel rm350n/mm:
up to 20(25)
Subcategory 2:
Metal work


On The Thread Cutting Edge
The GM 70-50 M Thead cutting machine succeeds the popular OK 3. Designed to cut threads in 8 to 50mm diameter stock the machine features seamless variable spindle speeds of 20~350rpm suited to cutting threads in modern materials. HMV machines are made to high standards in Sweden.
The design of the GM 07-50 M enables higher production capacity, higher quality threads, better safety and ergonomics than HMV’s former machines.
The machine is especially suited for suited for moderate production demands, short and mid-length production runs and mobile operations.
For higher or continuous production runs or threading of rack-type cutters the GM 07-50 A is recommended which can be equipped to operate automatically.
Features include:
The Symmetric Clamp
which fastens materials of 8~50mm or 16~100mm in diameter depending on the choice of die head and clamps with a force of up to 4 tons.
Material is fastened mechanically by hand wheel and screw with the option of hydraulics on the GM 07-50 H and GM 070-100H models.
Die Head type GH-3
for pitch diameter 8~50mm and the GH-5 for 16-100(115)mm can be equipped with die holders for either right or left hand threads. The same die holder is used for for all thread dies within respective diameter interval.
The dies can be rapidly and accurately adjusted in their holders with a special setting template while the required thread size can be set, conveniently by referring to the thread scale on the die head. Heavy metric, Witworth and UNC threads can all be read from the scale on the die head. A short test cut is always recommended to determine any adjustments before a production run.
Thread Dies.
The manufacturer keeps a full range of thread dies in stock. The dies are manufactured from high speed steel to give high cutting speeds, excellent thread cutting and extended tool life.
Specially coated and tempered thread dies are available as an option. the coating reduced unwanted dirt on the dies resulting in higher quality threads in many materials and also enables higher cutter speeds. Thread cutting dies are easily sharpened by grinding the end surface of the cutters.
Hydraulic Version.
The GM 07-50 H is identical to the M model with the exception of the hydraulic clamp and die head.