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FICEP 2001 RC Robotic Coping
Perth, Australia
2001 RC


Cutting torch:
Weld prep in the web:
Weld prep in the flanges:
Fourth side cutting for tubes:
Programmable weld prep angles:
± 45°
Number of robotic axis on the coper:
Cnc machinery
Subcategory 2:
Cnc beam line


The fundamental design of the FICEP Coping Robotic Systems all comes down to a Cartesian robot, which positions the Plasma or Oxy Torch to perform complex cutting on all three planes of the structural steel beam or section. The coping robot provides full bevelling capability on both sides of the flanges and the web without the need of any manual intervention. The task of cutting complex shapes is controlled directly from the Windows Control Panel loaded with an extensive cut library or via the CAD system from your design office.
The Coping Work Cell provides single and compound mitre cutting of flanges on structural steel steel beams and flanges. Flange cuts accurately align with the web mitre angle. The system can be integrated into an automated line with FICEP Beam Lines to provide complete integration of drilling, coping, milling, bandsaw cut-to-length & mitre cutting.
The Robot can be equipped with oxy-fuel and plasma torches to maximise versatility and productivity. The integrated measuring probe capability instinctively compensates for typical mill tolerances to provide accurate and reliable machine performance.
FICEP's software removes the requirement for additional hardware that other machines require, such as third party axis control boards, PLC hardware and encoder switching boards.
Why Invest in a FICEP Coping Robotic System?
A comprehensive library of cuts ensures fast setup and easy selection of cutting shapes
No manual operations required to measure, mark out and cut
Automatic measuring ensures cutting tolerances are respected with no errors
Cutting operations can be done in line with drilling units in order to save time
Processing cycles and manufacturing times are drastically reduced
Reduced production costs and workshop footprint
Reduced reliance on skilled labour is required for complicated manual operations such as layout on the beam and manual cutting
The carriage allows operations such as splitting, long inclined cuts for haunches generation, castelating, etc.. due to the capacity to accurately control the axes along the length of the bar
Optimized nesting of different pieces with common cuts is allowed for minimal material wastage
Machine chassis consisting of four columns in electrowelded steel tubes to support the robot and precision rack & pinion linear guides. Precise movement of the torch allows the highest repeatability and accuracy for complicated cutting operations
Semi-spherical Cartesian robot with 6 controlled axes holding the oxycutting and plasma torch
Automatic vices to guarantee perfect material clamping even during cuts where the material moves longitudinally
Hydraulic alignment device between the first two rolls of the in-feed rollerway
System for detection and automatic adjustment of dimensional tolerances
The Ficep Minosse CNC Software is considered by our customers the easiest to program, user-friendly control unit on the market for beam coping and thermal cutting applications
Plasma cutting system with H