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Goodway GS-2000 series GS Series
Perth, Australia
GS-2000 series


Y axis:
Live tools:
Swing (mm):
Sub spindle:
Max turn Ø (mm):
Turn length (mm):
750 / 1500
Turret positions:
Bar capacity (mm):
51 / 65 / 75
Spindle motor (kw):
15 / 18.5
Chuck size (inches):
8 / 10
Cnc lathes
Subcategory 2:
Cnc machinery
Subcategory 3:
Slant bed lathes


Features include:
Packed with industry leading technology and top quality components, the Goodway GS series slant bed turning centres combine incredible power, strength and speed to bring you The Ultimate Machining Power®. Covering turning diameter up to Ø970mm and spindle bores available up to Ø320mm, these powerful, maximum performance machines will easily accomplish the demanding turning applications required for large spindle bore lathes. With bed lengths up to 3000mm and live tooling, C-axis, most lathes also available with Y axis, Goodway have a machine to suit any requirement.
Major structural components have been combined into one solid platform. The low centre of gravity 30° slant bed design provides the most rigid foundation possible for the headstock, turret, and tailstock.
Built to endure years and years of rigorous high production turning, the heavily ribbed, one-piece thermally balanced bed and casting components are of FC35-Meehanite casting ( industry standard is FC25~30 ). FC35 grade cast iron is capable of withstanding much greater stress without deforming and provides maximum vibration damping, which result in a machine that will outlast and outperform the competition.
Stainless steel way covers and special steel wipers moulded with industrial strength rubber are used for durability.
All spindle and servo motors, including drives, are Fanuc alpha i series components to ensure peak machining performance and accuracy.
A high-speed servo motor indexing system provides the 10 or 12-station turret with a 0.2 sec. indexing time. Large diameter high precision curvic couplings and hydraulic clamping are used to enhance tool indexing accuracy and turret disk rigidity.
Live tooling and C-axis control capabilities on the GS series allows the machine to perform multiple tasks on a work piece, such as turning, milling, drilling and tapping. It eliminates manpower and cycle time, while reducing accuracy lost, which will occur if the part is moved from machine to machine.
Y-axis control further enhances multi-tasking live tooling capabilities and improves various machining precision. High precision grooving and X-axis off-centre drilling are enabled.
Various size sub-spindles driven by a powerful built-in type Fanuc spindle motors ( Integrated Motor ) for back-end machining are also available.
Programmable base tailstock saves manpower and enables many critical applications to be performed efficiently. Positioning of the tailstock has been simplified through use of custom software interface. The Z-axis carriage automatically locks on to the base of the tailstock.
P4 grade ( Class 7 ) super-high precision bearings are directly assembled for maximum level of support and precision. Bearing configuration is designed for super heavy-duty cutting with ultra-smooth performance and long term durability with a higher level of accuracy.
The heavy-duty headstock is of one-piece casting reinforced with heat dispersing fins.