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Mitseiki LH-1250 - Litz LH
Perth, Australia


Tool shank:
X travel (mm):
Y travel (mm):
Z travel (mm):
Atc tool number:
Machine weight (kg):
Spindle speed (rpm):
Pallet size x 2 (mm):
1250 x 1250
X/y rapid speed (m/min):
Cutting feed rate (m/min):
1 ~ 10000
Subcategory 2:
Cnc milling
Subcategory 3:
Cnc machinery


Features include:
The manufacturer of the Mitseiki LH range of horizontal machining centres is an OEM to one of Europe's most prestigious CNC machine tool manufacturers which is clearly reflected in the quality of finished machines. Only the highest quality components are used in the machine design these include names like Rexroth and Bosh to name a few and this clearly shows in the finished product. If accuracy and reliability is required, on a world wide scale these machining centres are second to none, the manufacturer offers innovative and reliable products with competitive pricing and with timely delivery.
The Mitseiki LH series has been developed from many years of tried and tested and exceptionally reliable machining centres. From this series you can select the right size of machine and the equipment individually suited to you in order to attain high machining performances within your budget.
The machine design has a solidity which is a principle throughout the machining centre range. The generously sized cast iron construction stands out due to its excellent absorption properties with high stability and rigidity, even under full load and in continuous operation the result is a stable milling process which ensures lasting quality and close work piece tolerances.
The widely supported and strongly constructed spindle head enables a high-powered milling / drilling process on the Z-axis. A closed internal coolant system stabilizes and controls the temperature of the spindle head and the active spindle cooling system has an additionally positive effect on the ball bearings, durability and extension of spindle life.
The side-mounted tool changer with integrated double arm gripper enables very fast tool change times to be achieved, all tools are optimally protected since the tool changer is turned away from the working area. Furthermore, this construction, which is free from tool interference enables machining of high parts in one set up.
All machines have extremely heavy duty Meehanite castings offering unparalleled rigidity.
Extra wide box shaped column.
Efficient chip removal is standard on every machine
The standard collision protection devices absorb and reduce collision forces saving expensive repair costs.
Spindle cooling system is standard across the range.
Side mount arm type tool changer
Rexroth heavy duty roller type linear guides for the ultimate rigidity
Coolant flood ring
Chip wash down
Oil skimmer
Clip board
Handy storage areas
Built in air gun and built in coolant wash down gun