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FICEP Tipo C 16 Plate
Perth, Australia
Tipo C 16
600 1,320


Work height mm in:
1100 43-1/4
Maximum width mm in:
1600 63
Hpr 130 high definition:
very precise and clean cut;
Hpr 260 high definition:
very precise, it uses oxygen and compressed air;
Maximum hole size mm in:
100 4"
Punching force kn us tons:
500 55
Positioning accuracy mm in:
± 0.10 ± .005
Stripping force kn us tons:
50 5.5
Maximum stock weight kg lbs:
600 1,320
Minimum/maximum plate thickness mm in:
1.5 - 16 1/16 - 5/8
Maximum length without repositioning mm in:
3100 122
Max vectorial traverse positioning speed m/min ipm:
50 1968 IPM
Cnc machinery
Subcategory 2:
Cnc plate processing


Features include:
Ficep, founded in 1930, a leading company in the evolution of machines for the structural steel industry, is facing the new millennium as a leader once again by showing the exclusive TIPO C range, flexible CNC centre for punching, marking, drilling, boring, milling, tapping and high definition plasma cutting of large plates.
TIPO C line is designed to comply with the different requirements when automatically processing in one cycle on large plates (6000 x 2500 mm.) and different thicknesses (from 2 mm. up to 16 or 20 mm.), ensuring high quality, precision, productivity and flexibility.
TIPO C line is a flexible CNC centre capable of complying with the requirements of both traditional steel fabricators and all types of industry requiring detailed components in steel for their particular needs.
The frame is made of high resistance rolled steel sections, electric welded and stress-relieved. Sliding guides run on precision rolls; axis move by means of precision grinded ball screws. Any alignment and orthogonal operation is made through sophisticated precision laser equipments.
The punching strength, which is constant throughout the punch stroke, is generated by a special high pressure hydraulic cylinder. This allows the use of progressive punches that considerably reduce the punching force, optimizing the production quality both on minimum and larger thicknesses. The clever tool handling allows automatic compensation of the strokes and the use of standard punches, re-sharpened or progressive punches.
The stripper holder system is hydraulic and coaxial to the punch; the aim is to reduce noise to the minimum and to improve the punching quality and plate straightness by acting like a back bender.
- HT2000 with compressed air and oxygen: very simple and suitable to those who have no high quality requirements;
- HPR 130 high definition: very precise and clean cut;
- HPR 260 high definition: very precise, it uses oxygen and compressed air;
- HPR 400, using different kinds of gas depending on the application, is the most powerful and the fastest in the field.
All these units take advantage of the sophisticated Ficep system to control the torch height and to handle cutting parameters; this makes the process easier and always ensures maximum performances.