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APK Series




The robust and reliable AKBEND Section Rolls are fabricated using high strength welded steel (ST-52). The high strength frame means minimal flex and distortion and enables the use of larger roll diameters. Large bearings fitted as standard makes the machines durable and ensures high bending torque can be obtained.
All three rolls are driven further increasing accuracy and torque in addition to minimising the slip of the materials during the bending process. The two bottom rolls are moved by hydraulic cylinders and movement is independent for each roll. This feature, in comparison with the machines which are driven from the top roll, give AKBEND machines a much better pre-bending process on both edges. Side supports can move in three directions to facilitate bending processes and reduce deformation, especially for angle and spiral sections.
Standard Equipment:
Machine body is high strength steel construction (ST-52)
APK 280 - 240 and APK 180 rolls are driven by hydraulic motor+planetary gearbox
APK 550 rolls are driven via 3 separate hydraulic motors
On APK 300 top and lower rolls are driven with two separate planetary gearbox
Variable speed of rotation on APK180, 240, 280
Hardened rolls
Shafts made of special steel, hardened and grounded
On APK 550, APK 300, APK 280, APK 240 and APK 180 guide rolls are hydraulic adjustable
Machines work in Horizontal format if required
Lower rolls hydraulic moveable up and down
Digital display for lower rolls
Separate and moveable control panel
Electrical and hydraulic protection against overloads
Manual lubrication.
Optional Equipment:
Special rolls for tubes, profiles and angles
Digital display for hydraulic guide rolls
Variable speed of rotation on APK 300, 360, 550
Special tooling systems for bending U-l-H profiles
Extended shafts. (APK-360 except)
NC Playback Control System
CNC Graphic Control System.