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Amada EM-2510NT Punching Machines EM
Perth, Australia
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Weight (kg):
50(F1) / 150(F4)
Axis travel (mm):
1200 x 2500
Press drive system:
AC servo direct twin drive
Stroke length (mm):
Mass of machine (t):
Press capacity (kn):
Hit rate min-1 (hpm):
500 (5mm stroke, 25.4mm pitch)
Powr requirment (kva):
Axis speed (xy (m/min):
X100, Y80
Hit rate min-1 (hpm) 2:
780 (5mm stroke, 1.0mm pitch)
Punching accuracy (mm):
Hit rate min-1 (hpm)500:
1800 (1.4mm stroke, 0.5mm pitch)
Maximum punch size (phi):
Maximum material thickness (mm):
Turret rotation speed min-1 (rpm):
Turret punch press


What is the EM Series?
Third Generation drive system designed to generate Ultra High-speed
EM Series offers cutting-edge machines which employ the unprecedented third generation drive system "AC Servo Direct Twin Drive." These revolutionary machines combine the best features of mechanical and hydraulic models with much higher performance. The EM series are also equipped with features to support environmental conservation such a energy saving, oil-free operation and low noise. Amada has been in pursuit of offering faster speed and higher precision machines that are more environmentally and operator friendly. The EMs are an innovative series of machines which embody the "level up" Amada has been pursuing to produce a new trend in the sheet metal industry.
Maximize productivity with minimum energy consumption
The EM series achieves ultra high-speeds, upto double the productivity, a significant reduction in power consumption and low maintenance requirements, -halving running costs.
AC Servo Direct Twin Drive
The AC Servo Direct Twin Drive has a simple and well-balanced structure: special AC servo motors are directly connected to the right and the left ends of the eccentric shaft. With this streamlined operation, the mechanism has realized high hit rates and can optimize stroke lengths according to the sheet thickness.
Load-leveling power circuit saves electricity
EM technology stores and reuses energy generated during ram deceleration. Electrical consumption is typically one-half or less that of hydraulic machines regenerative braking stores energy in capacitor bank for additional energy saving (like a hybrid car)
High rigidity bridge frame
The bridge frame is Amada's original which has been in use since the first NCT. With this strong, balanced structure, the amount of flex under high tonnage is reduced to one-eight of the amount in a comparable "C" frame. In addition the EM has a wider frame thickness and higher upper frame than conventional machines. This further enhances the ability of the frame to reduce flexing, yaw and twist, enabling long-lasting high precision performance.
Care for the environment was also an important theme in the development of the EM. – and it has been achieved
Contribution to the natural environment
The EM saves on electricity by minimizing the stroke, storing and reusing energy generated while decelerating the ram, and eliminating the cooling system. It also contributes to environmental conservation through introduction of oil-free mechanism.
Care for workers and their surrounding areas
The EM has low noise levels achieved by optimizing punch speed according to the sheet thickness. By use of the low-noise mode, you can further reduce noise in operation. Thus, the EM is giving consideration to workers and their surrounding environment. "A powerful machine should be friendly to users and the environment." This is the basic philosophy of Amada for machine development.