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2006 Koskovich "Servo-Omni" Servo Controlled
Elk Grove Village, IL
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Reference to earth for determining precise cutting head angles is now in English and Spanish) . New high-speed communications bus (PC to saw). Less susceptible to outside voltage and electronic "noise". Calibration is still rarely required and now much easier to accomplish. Real time production reporting -- available at the operator computer console and/or remotely via computer network. Descriptive diagnostic messages instead of look-up codes.
The Servo-Omni is a dramatically enhanced version of its predecessor, Auto-Omni. It retains all of the robotic, machine-tool design mechanisms of Auto-Omni, but is now servo-controlled. The following description highlights the enhanced features and abilities of Servo-Omni as compared to Auto-Omni.
Set-up time is approximately 2 1/2 times faster than Auto-Omni - typically 6 to 10 seconds per set-up average which translates to about 1 1/2 to 2 hours more cutting production per shift. Transport speed (adjusts for component length) is 162% faster
Set up and electrics:
Set-up times are not affected when resistance (friction drag) changes -that is, as the system wears over time or if mechanisms are allowed to collect dust and debris. All new electronics using Koskovich-designed & proven electronic technology - extremely reliable, solid-state circuit cards plug in & out. Encoders, which provide cutting head and Transport position information to the servo systems, are now ultra-high resolution -- capable of registering 8000 measurement points within each revolution of a drive mechanism.
Control and movements:
18 servo control system - rapid, imultaneous movement of Transport (back & forth) and cutting heads (telescoping, elevating, and angle rotation) Transport and cutting head movements are smooth, deliberate and extremely fast - speed is ramped up at the start, then ramped down as the called for position is approached stopping "spot on" without position hunting.
Software & firmware upgrades:
Software & firmware upgrades available via Internet from computer console - can also email-communicate with The Koskovich Company directly from the saw.
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5th Saw Head and Exiting Conveyor, Extra Blades, Shaker Pan Deflectors, Remote Monitor
Shaker Pan Deflectors, Remote Monitor
Remote Monitor