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Mori MIU-30, Mori Machinery Corp.
Chicago, IL
1,500mm (59.05") Max. coil O.D. X 400mm (15.75") Max. I.D.


Shear unit:
Cuts both ends of strip material.
Dancer rolls:
4 Sets - constant pressure, 900mm stroke.
Emboss stand:
2 Sets - driven by (2) 15kW inverter duty AC motors.
Total output:
4,000 Metric tons per year (depending on specific application).
Spiral looper:
800 Meters (2,624') Max. accumulated length (allows continued operation while changing coils).
Uncoiler capacity:
1,500mm (59.05") Max. coil O.D. X 400mm (15.75") Max. I.D.
Tube welding system:
Matsushita Model YC-200-BC1 high-frequency type.
Additional components:
Strip guide stand, driven roll stand, Side roll stand, Rotary seam guide stand, Squeeze roll stand, Earth roll stand, Bead cutter (2 sets), Cooling box, Turk's head stand, Measuring stand, Forming / sizing drive section, 37kW Rotary press cutter, Bending section, Winders (2 sets), Bull block winder, Emulsion unit, Hydraulic power unit.
High frequency welder:
Thermatool Model CIF-100 (100KW / 600kHZ).
Tube diameters handled:
7mm, 9.52mm and 12mm (0.276", 0.375" and 0.472").
Maximum tube through-put velocity:
200 Meters per minute (656 feet per minute).
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12mm (0.472") Max. tube diameter, 4,000 Metric tons per year output.