Elk Grove Village, IL, USA
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IBT610 Oscillating/ Rotating Drum Deburr and Finishing machine


0-200 ipm.
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Amada's IBT-610 wet/dry deburring machine is compact and offers a Small footprint at 60" long x 47" wide x 58" high. The IBT-610 uses a wheel instead of the traditional belt and is able to debur a wide range of different materials including galvanized and pre-coated parts without damaging the coating. The IBT-610's process includes deburring, squeegee and air blowing. The parts dryer is incorporated into the machine along with a self-contained filtration system, which eliminates airborne dust and reduces fire hazards. All internal parts of the machine, including reusable filters, are made of stainless steel to eliminate water-induced corrosion. "The IBT-610 is Amada's answer to our customers' requests for wet/dry performance in one compact unit. We believe that this machine will meet their needs and deliver significant reductions in labor costs as well as unmatched efficiency and quality." said Mark Ellis, assistant manager, Amada Shearing Division. The IBT-610 utilizes a wheel instead of a belt. The wheel remove burrs, Rounds edges and penetrates into holes. Normal wheel life is 3-6 months depending on the application and the degree of the burrs. A typical wheel change takes under five minutes. This minimizes down time. Amada and 3M offer several wheels to handle a wide range of materials and applications. The 3M wheels range from a finishing wheel to an aggressive extra coarse wheel designed for stripping applications. A specially design composite wheel from Amada is able to deburr galvanized and pre-coated materials. The machine will be able to debur flat parts w/ formed featur (up to 0.200" high) such as extrusions, card guides, dimples, utilizing optional brush wheel. A number of other features enable quality production from the IBT-610. The reusable stainless steel filter eliminates the expense associated with replacing paper filters. An acrylic window makes it easy to preview work in progress. The machine's control allows the operator to adjust the height of the wheel, thereby controlling the depth of the cut. An amp meter "kill" switch turns the machine "off" when it senses an overload condition on the wheel and motors, preventing damage to the machine. Sheet thickness for the IBT-610 is 0.02"-0.200" and maximum sheet width is 24". The work piece feeding speed is 0-200 ipm.
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Grinders, belt


24" Belt, New Belts and New Pumps, Feeds 0 - 200 IPM