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2017 DPM SIPMA Drehpflug non-stop sicherung 2 Scharre PB 820 2+1 Ploughs in Görlitz, Germany

Görlitz, Germany
$6,129 (USD)
2 Scharre PB 820 2+1
Working Width:
1.32 m


1750 mm
Body spacing:
80 cm
Working width:
1.32 m
Number of furrows:
External condition:
Technical condition:
Underbeam clearance:
78 cm
Subcategory 2:


2 Scharre Drehpflug with screw lock
5199 Euro net
2 + 1 Scharre Drehpflug with screw lock
5599 euros net
2 Sharp wheel shock absorbers 5599 Euro net
2 + 1 Sharp wheel shock absorbers 6599 Euro net
2 Scharre Hydraulisch 5799 Euro netto
2 + 1 Scharre Hydraulic 6799 Euro net
(Top / bottom) 199 Euro net
1 set of stripes 299 Euro net
Windscreen swingable 99 Euro net
Ski-pocket with spring lock 199 Euro net
Wheel shock absorbers from standard 5 to 7
1 set of 99 euros net
Packerarm 399 Euro net
Hydraulic packer arm 699 Euro net
Extension of the coupling of the plow
By 15cm depth 299 euros net.
SIPMA reversible plows are machines which are used for soil treatment after different plantings and sowings. The work of the plow is to cut ground sections on the desired depth and width and reverse them. The plows are characterized by user-friendliness and robust design. A wide range of accessories makes it possible to adapt the plow to different working conditions.
Sturdy plow frame ensures long-lasting construction and high working efficiency
The side support wheel offers an ideal working position and a simple depth adjustment.
The crusher makes it easier to cover plant residues and manure.
The SIPMA PB 930 POLKA, SIPMA PB 940 POLKA servomotor is used to position the plow in the axis of the tractor, ensuring uniform rotation, return to the specified operating parameters, and "hiding" the plow behind the tractor during the tractor Transportation.
The screw securement provides additional protection when the machine encounters obstacles, e.g. Roots, stones.
Spring safety and hydraulic protection (additional equipment) ensure constant protection of the plow in the situation when the machine encounters obstacles such as e.g. Roots or stones.
The adjustment of the width of the plowing allows an optimum adaptation of the machine to the soil conditions, the performance of the tractor and the agrotechnical work to be carried out.
The shock absorber dampens shocks during the rotation.
The support and transport wheel (additional equipment) is used both to maintain uniform working depth and to relieve the tractor during transport.
The additional plow body allows a quick removal of the plow by a few plowshares.
Skimmers (additional equipment) cut the upper layer of the furrow and throw them to the bottom of the furrow. In this way, the upper layer of the soil with damaged structure, grassy or with many plant residues is placed on the bottom of the furrow.
The uniform perforated scraper (additional equipment) is easily interchangeable and proves itself on cohesive soils and clay floors. It is characterized by reduced resistance during operation.
The chisel chisel allows plowing on dry soils. Moreover, the bilateral chisel reduces the cost of its replacement by the use of the other end of the chisel.
The parallelogram, which forms a system of connection of the frame to the rotating device, allows an easy and fast adjustment of the firs