2017 DPM SIPMA Selbstaufladbarer Ballenwickler Sipma OS 7521 Mira Round baler-wrapper in Görlitz, Germany

Görlitz, Germany
$11,252 (USD)
Sipma OS 7521 Mira


External condition:
Technical condition:
Agriculture equipment in Germany
Subcategory 2:
Bale wrappers


Round bale wrapper
The round bale wrapper with the baler SIPMA OS 7521 MIRA is a fully automated self-loading machine attached to a tractor. Full automation of the entire process is ensured by the advanced control system with the possibility of prior programming of the operating parameters.
Thanks to the technological system "side-tail", the winding device can work vertically or parallel to the working direction of the press (across the field). This ensures fast bale loading and high working efficiency. The bale is wrapped with foil as the vehicle moves to the next bale.
The hydraulic system with load-sensing function reduces fuel consumption and extends the service life of the tractor's hydraulic pump.
The universal film feeder operates with film widths of 0.5 and 0.75 m.
The tapered aluminum rollers in the film feeder ensure a pretensioning of the film as well as its tightness and adhesion during the winding process.
The hydraulic holding and cutting device automatically switches on each time the bale is wrapped with foil, which significantly speeds up the winding process and increases its efficiency.
Thanks to the wide range of tires, wet and peat areas can be used.
The baler enables the bales to be placed on the ground or their rolling away on the tread on the field and protects the wrapped bale against damage during unloading.
Improving the working culture of the hydraulic system by doubly reducing the average operating pressure and doubly reducing energy consumption.
The sensor on the loading arm allows automatic and self-acting initiation of the winding process.
Thanks to the brake of the drive motor, it is not possible to change the table while driving.
Possibilities of the onboard computer:
Manual or fully automatic operation of the winding device,
Continuous observation of the winding process,
Measurement of the number of wrapped bales,
Measurement of the operating time [h] with the accuracy of 1 minute,
Measurement of the efficiency achieved (bales / h),
Measurement of work parameters on five independent fields - gives the possibility to calculate the number of wrapped bales, working time, efficiency on five different fields separately,
Programming of the wrapping number (depending on the width of the film), then an automatic transition to the next working phase,
Status display of reed sensors (evaluation of efficiency or malfunction of the sensors) - eliminates the deficiencies by replacing the defective sensor without having to order the service.
Display the total number of wrapped bales after the installation of the on-board computer on the reel,
A large graphic LCD display with parameterization,
Infinitely variable speed control of the pivoting table of the winding device,
Stepless regulation of the lifting and lowering speed of the loading arm,
Foliage feed control - an additional film sensor sets the bale wrapping process in the case of film tear or end,
Determination of the servic