Görlitz, Germany
$2,993 (USD)
ZK 350 und ZK 450


Working width:
3.50 m
Tractor mounted:
Mounted rake
External condition:
Technical condition:
Agriculture equipment in Germany


SIPMA ZK 350 WIR 2599 Euro net
(As additional tandem) 399 Euro net
SIPMA ZK 450 WIR 3799 Euro net
(Tandem included)
The raking of the swath is an important element of the whole process of collection and conservation of green fodder. The use of centrifugal discs ensures a high quality of the swath, does not destroy the delicate parts of the grasses, does not reduce its nutritional values ​​and considerably impairs the productivity and quality of the work of further machines in the production line - round baler presses.
The SIPMA ZK 350 WIR and SIPMA ZK 450 WE are designed for the raking of green fodder, dried green fodder, straw and hay.
The welded housing, with a front-mounted frame mounted on a joint, allows connection of the manifold to the tractor three-point hydraulics and offers great working comfort and excellent ground adjustment.
The oil drive ensures long and trouble-free operation.
The computational jibs, each with 3 double-finger fingers (SIPMA ZK 350 WIR) and 4 double-finger fingers (SIPMA ZK 450 WIR) ensure the effective rake of the swath and the arrangement of the straight and light wall.
The adjustable screen allows you to adjust the desired width of the shaped wall.
The support wheel (SIPMA ZK 450 WIR) assures the best terrain, the pure collection in heavy working conditions and improves the machine guide. The support wheel is perfectly aligned to the uneven surfaces - the rake fingers have no contact with the surface, so they use less and maintain the longer service life.
The transport location offers convenient transportation and storage from collection. The adjustment of the collecting rake into the transport position (without tools) allows the collapsible computation booms and hinged protective barriers.
The tandem chassis (SIPMA ZK 350 WIR - additional accessory, SIPMA ZK 450 WIR - standard) prevents the swath contamination and rapid wear of the fingers and assures accurate collection of the material. This solution is particularly suited to fields where local inequalities are present.
Additional height adjustment (SIPMA ZK 450 WIR) from the tandem chassis enables more precise height adjustment of the work of the collective rack.
The toggle handle allows a stepless height adjustment of the rake fingers above the ground.
The 15 x 6.00 - 6 balloon tires ensure comfortable working comfort.
ZK 350 WE ZK 450 WIR
Working width mm 3500 4500
Width of the fair wall mm
600 - 1400 800 - 1600
Number of rotors Piece 1 1
Number of computation jib pieces 9 11
Number of the rake fingers on the boom piece 3 4
Wheel size of the driving system
16 x 6.00 - 6 6 PR 16 x 6.00 - 6 6 PR
Maximum speed km / h 10 10
Power requirement kW (PS)
25.5 (35) 25.5 (35)
Measure in the working position
Length mm 3210 4200
Width mm 2990 3900
Height mm 1110 1200
Measure in the transport position
Length mm 3210 4200
Width mm 1370 1620
Height with the pulled rakes
Mm 1200 1280
Height with the inserted rakes
Mm 1750 2200