2017 SIPMA Sammelrechen ZK 650 WIR Swathers in Görlitz, Germany

Görlitz, Germany
$11,465 (USD)


Working width:
6.50 m
Tractor mounted:
Mounted rake
External condition:
Technical condition:
Agriculture equipment in Germany
Subcategory 2:


The collection SIPMA ZK 650 WIR with two rotors and the laying of the swath inside is destined for rakes of green fodder, pre-dried green fodder, straw and hay.
The hydraulically adjustable operating speed in the range of 6.5 to 7.2 m allows the appropriate width of the shaped wall to be adjusted.
The oil transmission ensures long trouble-free work.
The toggle handle allows a stepless height adjustment of the rake fingers above the ground.
The profile frame from the closed profile ensures high durability and reliability in daily operation. In combination with the front frame, it allows the connection of the collective harrow to the three-point powerlift of the tractor as well as ensures a great working comfort and a fabulous copying of the terrain.
The computation jibs, 11 pieces, on which 3 double-jaw fingers have been secured, ensure the effective rake of the swath and the arrangement of the straight and light wall.
The four-wheel rotor stands with front steering wheels ensure a quiet ride and precise copying of the terrain.
Hydraulic folding of the rack into the transport position, up to the width of 2.4 m and height lower than 4m, facilitates driving on public roads.
Three-dimensional copying of the terrain ensures a very clean collection of the just material.
Model ZK 650 WIR
Operating width mm 6500 - 7200
Width of the fair wall mm 800 - 1800
Number of rotors pieces 2
Number of rake jib piece 11
Number of the rake fingers on the jib piece 3
Wheel size of the driving system
10.0 / 75-15.3
Wheel size of the steering system 16 x 6.00 - 6
Maximum speed km / h 10
Power requirement kW (HP) 50 (68)
Articulated telescopic shaft
Tandem chassis
Measure in the working position
Length mm 4800
Width mm 6950 - 7650
Height mm 1400
Measure in the transport position
Length mm 4800
Width mm 2400
Height with the pulled rakes
Mm 3280
Height with the inserted rakes
Mm 4000
Weight kg 1500
Transport on request