2009 pellet line 1-1, 5 t/h Testmer PD10 wood straw pelletizing plant in Poland

$101,096 USD
Testmer PD10


Other parts:
which I forgot to mentioned
Type of machine:
pellet line 1-1,5 t/h wood straw pelletizing plant
Machine in stock:


pellet line 1-1,5 t/h wood straw pelletizing plant pellet line 1-1,5 t/h Testmer PD10
used machine
Complete line for wood or straw pellets 1-1,5 t/h
I have for sale a complete pellet pellets production line 1-1, 5t/h PD10 Testmer
The line is still working, so you can see at work. The line in full automatic, just need to put straw blocks on feeder. Complete line from A to z. Dissembling is included in price.
The line is now for straw pellets but it can be use for wood pellet, just need to change the matrix in pellet mill, the big shredder can use for wood waste. feeder for straw blocks can use to get sawdust.
I can help find a company which remove fast, load, install at your place, and will train your people in your location.
Total power about 260 kW.
The main equipment:
Belt feeder straw blocks (not included photo)
Shredder CEDRUS RSC-B24-75 kW year 2012
Screw conveyor for feeding hammer mill
Hammer mill RB-3.5 55kW
Fan 18 kW
Buffer for ready material about 5 m 3
Screw conveyor for feeding the pellet press
Complete pellet mill 90 kW PD10 Testmer year 2009
Complete Cooler for automatic pellet
Fan and cyclones for Cooler (not included photo)
Big filter (not included photo)
Electrical cabinets
Other Parts ... which I forgot to mentioned
This is all you need to Start the production. Price 79 EUR
I have also the Complete drum dryer Rogozno SB 1.5
-Belt feeder for moist sawdust with vibrating screen. (photo not included)
-Feeder for Stove (photo not included)
-Fan and cyclones for dryer (not included photo)
Dryer for the wet saw dust for wood pellets, not included in the price. Price for dryer 26 000 EUR
If you have more questions, please write.
Best regards,
Kamil Kaminski