Siekierczyn, Poland
$9,965 USD
mit hydraulische Planierschild FINANZIERUNG MÖGLICH!!!
Working Width:
6.30 m


Cambridge roller
85 St.
3,500 kg
Rings 2:
101 St.
Rings 3:
121 St.
Rings 4:
145 St.
530 mm
Weight 2:
2230 kg
Weight 3:
2480 kg
Weight 4:
2790 kg
Weight 5:
Working width:
6.30 m
Cambridge roll:
Ø500 mm
Working width 2:
Working width 3:
Working width 5:
Camebridge roller:
Ø500 mm
Power requirement:
80 hp
Price with Ø500mm:
7 590,00 Euro
Power requirement 2:
86 hp
Power requirement 3:
99 hp
Power requirement 4:
120 hp
Price with Ø500 mm:
5 570,00 Euro
Price with Ø500 mm 2:
5 950,00 Euro
Price with Ø500 mm 3:
6 450,00 Euro


Cambridge roll TYTAN
Rolling is an important process in agriculture which has a decisive influence on the quality of cultivation and the subsequent harvest.
The rollers are available in the following variants:
• Cambridge - for cultivation
• Crosskil - to crush lumps on the fields
• Campbell - for a typical density after plowing
The use of arable rollers brings the following advantages:
The flattening of the field. Better contact between the seed and the earth, which is noticeable for a steady growth. Moisture is maintained. Reduction of soil erosion. Improving soil structure.
The Cambridge roller TYTAN is intended for re-solidifying the surface immediately after plowing, before sowing or after sowing. It is particularly suitable for use in heavy and muddy soils. It reduces the lane depth during subsequent operations. Thanks to the special profile, the rings penetrate the ground and cause its superficial resolidification. The considerable weight (calculated on the square meter) guarantees sufficient leveling of the floor surface. The Cambridge roller TYTAN can also be used for stubble processing, it ensures excellent straw mixing, the incorporation of crop residues, breakage cereals and weeds. The machines also work on meadows and pastures.
Basic equipment:
- Drawbar for upper linkage
- Support leg
- Bicycles 10 / 75-15.3
- hydraulic battery for even weight distribution
- Frame with three lifting cylinders
- Transport safety
- three sections of Cambridge rollers
- all series hydraulically foldable, pulled
Special equipment:
- straight drawbar for subframe mounting
- Hydraulic or mechanically adjustable compensating gear
- Stiffening rail for compensating gear
- Stone containers
- Lighting
Technical specifications:
Working width: 4,50m
Rings: 85 St.
Cambridge roll Ø: Ø500 mm
Power requirement: 80 hp
Weight: 2230 kg
Price with Ø500 mm: 5 570,00 Euro
Working width: 5.30m
Rings: 101 St.
Camebridge roller: Ø500 mm
Power requirement: 86 hp
Weight: 2480 kg
Price with Ø500 mm: 5 950,00 Euro
Working width: 6.30m
Rings: 121 St.
Cambridge roll: Ø500 mm
Power requirement: 99 hp
Weight: 2790 kg
Price with Ø500 mm: 6 450,00 Euro
Working width: 7,50m
Rings: 145 St.
Cambridge roll: Ø500 mm
Power requirement: 120 hp
Weight: 3250kg
Price with Ø500mm: 7 590,00 Euro
Optional extra:
- Equalizer Mechanically or hydraulically adjustable
- Stiffening rail for the stabilizer
- Stone containers
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