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Tektronix 80A05 Electrical Clock Recovery Module.
The Tektronix
Electrical Clock Recovery Module enables clock recovery for electrical signals (or optical signals when an electrical data pick-off is provided – such as with the 80C12B optical sampling module). Additionally, the 80A05 provides internal routing of the recovered clock for triggering of the DSA8300 Series oscilloscopes.
The 80A05 recovers clocks from serial data streams for all of the most common electrical standards in the 50 Mb/s to 3.188 Gb/s range (continuous coverage) plus the (fixed) rate of 4.25 Gb/s. Option 10G adds support for user-selectable rates in the following ranges:
3.267 to 4.250 Gb/s;
4.900 to 6.375 Gb/s; and
9.800 to 12.60 Gb/s range
The 80A05 provides high level of integration and the best sensitivity available, and is the optimal solution for testing of optical transmitter components and electrical components of optical systems. The 80A05 PLL loop bandwidth selection is automatic with no interaction, leading to easy setup and operation.
The 80C12B optical module with the appropriate 80A05 clock recovery module provides a complete solution for optical rates between 155 Mb/s and 12.6 Gb/s. For additional clock recovery choices see CR125A, CR175A, and CR286A information.
The 80A05 module accepts either single-ended or differential signals. With either single-ended or differential signals, the attenuated but otherwise unmodified input signal is available on output connectors on the front panel of the modules. The signal path to these front-panel outputs has been carefully designed to preserve signal fidelity well beyond the frequency corresponding to the maximum bit rate addressed by the clock recovery circuit. The front-panel output signals can therefore be connected to a high-frequency sampling module (such as 80E07) and be acquired for analysis while preserving high-frequency features of the signal.
Tektronix clock recovery solutions combine simplicity of use with excellent flexibility; the full rate recovered clock or its sub-rate is available on the modules’ front panel to clock or trigger other equipment.
Electrical Clock Recovery for:
Enumerated Bit Rates between 50 Mb/s and 12.6 Gb/s
Provides fully integrated 80C12B Electrical Clock Recovery Support
Clean 50 Ω Path for the Best Signal Acquisition Fidelity