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Quantum Composers 9528 8 Channel Digital Delay/Pulse Generator 250ps Resolution
The model
Pulse Generator heightens the capabilities of pulse generation and digital delay to new levels. Cost effective, yet extremely capable, this instrument provides solutions to generate and synchronize multiple pulses and triggers for a wide variety of applications from simple to complex. The 9528 series provides up to eight fully independent digitally controlled channels with width, delay, rate and amplitude control on each output. For automated test sequencing, all common computer interfaces are available such as RS232, USB, GPIB and Ethernet.
250ps timing resolution with > T0 period adjustment provides finer adjustment than pure rate
Complete channel and system setup stored in memory>> Provides 14 memory configurations
Remote programmability >> All of the 9520 series instruments offer RS232, GPIB, USB and Ethernet
Single cycle pulse by pushbutton or reference trigger >> One pulse with each pushbutton, internal, external signal or software command
Dual inputs (gate and/or trigger)
Advanced Programming Modes:
Multiplexing>> Selectively combine the timing of any or all channels to one output
Burst>> Each channel can have a separate number
Duty Cycle>> N pulses on, M pulses off
Channel Referencing>> Any or all channels can reference the timing of any channel rather than T0, rising or falling edge, with either positive or negative reference
Wait>> The system will wait for a specified number of cycles before producing pulse
Advanced Features/Options:
Clock input/output >> allows master clock input from 10MHz to 100MHz with complete system timing relative to that signal with low jitter
800nm and 1300nm optical outputs available with ST connectors
Optical inputs available with ST connectors
Complimentary LabVIEW driver available