Limburg, Germany
ECO Technologis
Grasabsaugung Gras Vampir GV1 600l


Container size:
600 liters,


ECO grass vampire GV1,
With high emptying, height 1.90 meters,
Container size: 600 liters,
540 PTO shaft, weight ca.370 Kg
Heckanbau Cat I
Use and use
Perfect greenery, fine lawn, free fall: The Eco Grass and Laubsauger GrasVampir® is the perfect aid for landscape maintenance. Developed together with practitioners, the Eco GrasVampir® meets all the requirements for a grass and foliage vacuum cleaner for professional use. He collects lawn cuttings and leaves intensely and thoroughly until the collecting container is completely filled - without air pockets. A particularly quiet, turbulent and large-sized turbine made of extremely wear-resistant steel ensures a high-quality material intake. Due to the low noise development, the GrasVampir® is ideally suited for use in areas with increased noise protection, such as residential areas, schools or hospitals. The GrasVampir® is available as a model with high emptying or bottom emptying. The effective container sizes range from 600 - 750 l capacity. In the compressed state even up to 930 l. The external closing cylinders and the steel collecting container ensure a long service life and easy maintenance of the grass and leaf vacuum cleaner GrasVampir® GV1.
The teat consists of:
Short, compact attachment - ensures a short projection
A stylish, rounded collection container made of steel - this can be repaired in contrast to plastic containers - this saves money and protects the environment
Extremely quiet, quiet, powerful suction turbine with precisely matched spiral housing - increased suction and better flow of grass; Blockages and time-consuming maintenance are a thing of the past!
Telescopic excavation - inclined, prevents weight shifting during emptying
Transparent suction hose - for permanent observation of the material flow
Optical level indicator
Fold-out exhaust air spoiler at the rear container flap - Discharge of the outflowing air to the ground; easy to clean
Additional blow-out areas - enable a 100% filling of the collecting container and thus ensure longer emptying intervals during work
Externally located closing cylinders on the collecting container - do not come into contact with the green cut and are therefore insensitive to contamination and wear
High emptying with a large unloading depth - loading area of ​​the vehicle for transporting the collected material can be filled evenly