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Incinerator gas
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Facilities support


Firecat tm model # 11.6.1 horizontal thermal oxidizer system. Combustion chamber: 60 inch dia. x 15 ft horizontal combustion chamber design, skid mounted, forced draft design, insulation, 3 in thick ceramic fiber for combustion chamber, includes pins & keepers – 310 stainless steel, combustion chamber material ¼ inch – a-36, sight glass with cooling/purging air, fii standard paint system.
discharge stack: 24 in. Dia. X 25 ft overall height, insulation, 2 in thick ceramic fiber for discharge stack, includes pins & keepers – 310 stainless steel, ss guard to protect insulation edge from the elements, (2) type k thermocouples 90° apart, (2) 4 inch flanged sample ports, fii standard paint system.
fuel gas burner: rated for 1,500,000 btu/hr, direct spark ignition, includes combustion air blower, high intensity, high turndown, horizontally fired orientation, fuel gas injection nozzle, burner material – 310 ss.
waste gas burner: rated for 5,000,000 btu/hr, direct spark ignition ,includes inlet for fuel gas as well as waste gas.
combustion air blower: rated for ~1,200 cfm air flow, 5 hp tefc motor – nema 4x housing, vfd for flow control.
2 inch block and bleed fuel train: double block valving, safety and block valve, high and low gas pressure switches, pilot solenoid valves, butterfly valve with fully modulating actuator, pressure regulator for the main and pilot gas supply, y-strainer, manual shut off valve and gauges, completely piped and wired ready for use, includes flow control valve for splitting for fuel gas supply to waste gas burner
burner management control panel: control logic via siemens plc – fii standard, nema 4x ss enclosure, honeywell pid controller to modulate fully modulating fuel, train on a temperature signal. Honeywell pid controller to modulate combustion air blower vfd, flame safeguard and uv scanner to continually monitor pilot & main flame. Honeywell high temperature limit controller for high temperature alarm and shut-down. Selector switches, fuses, terminal strips and wiring. Indicating lights with bulb test. 24 vdc auxiliary contacts, 5a dpdt.
system shut down for: exhaust high temperature alarm, loss of flame alarm, loss of air flow alarm, high or low auxiliary gas pressure alarms
inch flame arrestor, aluminum body / aluminum internals, 6 inch diameter inlet shut off valve, butterfly valve, wafer type with pneumatic actuator, carbon steel body / 316 stainless steel internals.