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OX7104 100MHz


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OX7104 100MHz AEMC OX 7104 Series III Oscilloscope (Catalog # 2124.67)
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The Model
OX 7104-C
is the perfect tool for both laboratory and field testing.
Ease-of-use of the instrument is facilitated through 33 specialized keys for direct access to commonly used functions. Ideal for field use, the Model OX 7104-C utilizes the patented new system of plug-and-play accessories, individual isolation of each of the measurement channels, a range of remote management capabilities based on an Ethernet link with web server, a number of built-in instruments, including a four channel TRMS multimeter.
The large 320 x 240 full color LCD screen provides detailed graphical and alphanumerical representations of all measurements and also functions as a touch screen. Using the convenient stylus, the various Windows-like menus can be opened or pulled down and executed. The stylus can also be used for direct action on graphic elements such as cursors, triggers, and zooming.
Five complementary tools in one: Oscilloscope, Multimeter, FFT Analyzer, Harmonic Analyzer and Recorder
Sampling rate 1GS/s in one-shot mode and 25GS/s in ETS – memory depth of 2500-count per channel in oscilloscope mode
Four isolated measurement channels, 600V Cat III with up to eight traces on screen
12-bit resolution provides deeper accurate zooming
Real-time FFT analysis standard and calculation functions on the channels
Four independent, 8000-count, TRMS, 45kHz, digital multimeters
Color LCD touch screen
33 direct command keys and Windows-like menus on screen
Multi-interface communication connector: RS-232, Centronics and Ethernet with web server
Stylus for touch screen menu/function access and manipulating graphic elements on screen
Probix smart probes with user definable control buttons