2017 VEMAC GEO GEO Böschungsmulcher AGF140 160 180 Mulcher Seitenmulcher Toppers in Magdeburg, Germany

Magdeburg, Germany
$2,453 (USD)
GEO Böschungsmulcher AGF140 160 180 Mulcher Seitenmulcher


550 kg
Working width:
1.40 m
Tractor mounted:
Agriculture equipment in Germany
Subcategory 2:
Orchard and vineyard


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GEO VEMAC Bearing Mule Beater with Hammerschlegels
New equipment
Geo AGF140
Heavy version
140cm working width
Including 1.200 grams of Hammerschlegel
The delivery of all machines sold by us to the customer is always ready assembled including all lubricants such as oil and grease.
Furthermore, each machine is tested for functionality before delivery to the customer.
Every customer can visit the machine at our location in Mgadeburg and take it with us immediately.
As an alternative, the machine can also be delivered on a pallet across Europe.
Ideal for mowing and mashing slopes (working position up to 90 ° in the vertical) or trenches (inclination angle up to -60 °), laterally offset behind the tractor (to be driven through the hydraulics in the middle).
The machine can also be driven completely over the track. The inclination angle and the lateral offset are separately hydraulically adjustable.
The mulcher is also perfectly suited for compact tractors for mulching grass, scrub and woody plants on meadows, pastures, horse-pairs and forest edges.
The tiller has a safety valve on the hydraulic cylinder, so that the mulcher escapes against an object when it strikes.
It is attached to the rear three-point Cat.2 of the tractor with a PTO shaft speed of 540 rpm.
Furthermore, you need two double-acting hydraulic connections on the tractor so that you can also adjust the sides and swivel.
The transmission of the mulcher runs in the oil bath and has an integrated freewheel.
The gearbox is mounted on the side of the mulching head so that the mulcher can be extended far to the right.
The mulcher is equipped with heavy 1,200-gram hammers, which are offset on the beater shaft.
The straight cutting edge of the flails ensure a clean cut of the meadow. Furthermore, even smaller branches can be easily mulched.
The mulching material is crushed and ejected via the rear by an integrated counter-cutting in the mulching housing.
The countercut is screwed into the mulch housing so that it can be renewed at any time.
A height-adjustable trailing roller at the rear of the mulcher and height-adjustable skids ensure the regulation of the cutting height.
The bevel shaft and the follower roller run in lubricated bearings, which are easily accessible from the outside.
All swivel arms and swivel pins are also equipped with lubrication nipples so that they can be lubricated very easily.
At the front of the mulcher chains ensure that no objects like stones or mulch material can escape from the mulching casing.
The transmission of power from the transmission to the bevel shaft is ensured by a 4-fold V-belt drive.
The tension of the V-belts is very easy to adjust by easily accessible tensioning screws.
The mulch housing is made of 5mm thick steel, the suspension is 8mm thick.
Due to the weight, these mulchers are especially suitable for compact tractors from approx. 50 hp.
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