Geo Maccine Agricole 180cm Schlegelmulcher, 800g Hämmer 2000L Fangkorb Sammelkorb Toppers in Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, Germany
$4,295 (USD)
180cm Schlegelmulcher, 800g Hämmer 2000L Fangkorb Sammelkorb


850 kg
Working width:
1.80 m
Tractor mounted:
Agriculture equipment in Germany
Subcategory 2:
Orchard and vineyard


GEO Mulcher Flail mower FL180 with catch basket
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Technical specifications
For tractors with 50 - 100 hp (37 - 74 kW)
Working width 180 cm
Overall width 215 cm
24 x 800 grams of Hammerschlegel
Weight 850 kg
Cast iron gearbox with freewheel
Height-adjustable swivel wheels as standard
Floor discharge with hydraulic opening
Protective splash front
Adjustable clamping device
Cat. I or II (optional) with three-point trailer coupling
cardan shaft
Container capacity: 2000 liters
CE guard
Good spare parts availability, use instructions in English / Italian / French
Complete delivery of the Mulcher FLP with catch basket!
Attention! As a rule, the attachments are delivered ex factory GEO and then not commercially available. All screws must be checked and retightened (torques are often required). Also, some parts must be mounted, e.g. Install the V-belt, the pulley, tension and the protective housing. ... Furthermore the lubrication nipples have to be greased, the correct oil quantity in angle and main gearbox to be filled, final final control and practical Probelauf. Not yet and so far unique in Germany at Baumarkt-Gartencenter-Online, with us these works are all done and the device is immediately ready for use! Only the hydraulic oil has to be filled.
The GEO Mulcher Flail Mower FL180 with 2000 liter catcher mulcher with catch basket
Cheap mulcher mower with trailed catch.
The company GEO was founded in Italy in 2007 from an innovative idea.
The goal was a new method of commercialization of tractors in Europe with favorable prices and excellent quality.
Research, design, construction and the improvement of existing products are carried out in Italy by trained technicians, while the production has been outsourced. In accordance with strict quality and material specifications, the individual attachments are manufactured inexpensively outside of Italy.
The technical skills of a professional team and many years of experience in the field of agricultural machinery have led GEO to trust many customers from home and abroad in just a few years. This is not least because of the excellent price-performance ratio of the GEO products and this Mulcher FLP with 2000 liter catch basket and 800 grams of Hammerschlegel.
A great competitive advantage is the immediate availability of most GEO attachments for tractors which are available within 8 - 10 days, at favorable shipping prices.
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