Emlichheim, Germany
Holzrückewagen Jansen HRW-15, Holzanhänger mit Ladekran


Machine designation:
Forestry machinery


Here we offer you an affordable Jansen wooden bridge car with a very complex equipment. The wooden trailer has a hydraulically actuated all-wheel drive, so that it can be moved well even on very rough terrain. The all-wheel drive can be electrically connected via a solenoid valve. The wooden wagon is additionally hydraulically supported. The loading crane has a swivel range of 270 degrees and a maximum range of 3.2 m. At the maximum reach of 3.2 m it has a load capacity of 200 kg. The crane carries a load of 300 kg. The crane has a hydraulic gripper, which can rotate 360 ​​degrees. The total loading capacity of the truck is 1500 kg. The hydraulic unit is also included in the scope of delivery and is powered by a 6.5 hp 4-stroke gasoline engine. The cable winch is hydraulically driven and has a radio remote control, which greatly facilitates the straining of the beaten trunks, as you can stand at the trunk and operate the cable winch by remote control. The steel cable of the winds has a length of 20 meters. The trolley can be moved easily via the towing device. Many of our customers pull the car with an ATV or quad or small intractor, as it is very flexible even on narrow paths. The trailer has no road registration. This model has been sold very successfully for several years under another brand name in Scandinavia. The truck is completely assembled and filled by us before delivery to the customer. We therefore recommend a pick-up directly at our premises. For assembly and commissioning of the car we need approx. One working day from order. If the device has to be sent to you in forwarding, you will get this delivered in disassembled condition! A final assembly must therefore be carried out by you! In our exhibition, we have always exhibited a working wooden pendant, which you can visit and test. Please make an appointment in advance. Compare our products with competitive products! You will not find anything comparable. We offer you a complete spare parts supply for all our products and a competent service master workshop and spare parts supply. If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone. With us you speak with expert people and not with "call center agents"! Technical data: 4 stroke engine OHV, 6,5 hp Fuel: standard fuel Tank capacity: 5 l Starter: cable pull starter Weight: 700 kg without liquids Load: max. 1500 kg Swivel range Crane: 270 degree Range Crane: max. 3.20 m Lifting crane: 300 kg at 2 m outreach Width of grabber: 750 mm Winch: hydraulic, 20 m steel cable including towbar Tire: 22x11x8 Working pressure Hydraulic: 190 bar switchable, hydraulic all-wheel drive Support: hydraulic, 2-fold dimensions Mounted: 390x135x100 cm LxWxH Dimensions Packing: I: 290x70x130 cm LxWxH Dimensions Packing unit II: 365x10x10 cm LxBxH Engine oil quantity: approx. 0,8 l 10W40 or more. 15W40 Hydraulic oil tank capacity: approx. 9 l HLP46