Emlichheim, Germany
$4,255 (USD)
Heckbagger Jansen BHM-225 inkl. 400 mm Schaufel, Anbaubagger, Bagger


Machine designation:
Construction equipment in Germany
Construction machinery


The rear-mounted excavator Jansen BHM-225 is hung in the tractor's three-point tractor and is driven directly via the power take-off shaft. It has its own hydraulic system, so that only the supply via the PTO shaft must be provided on the tractor side. The BHM-225 is shipped with a 400 mm bucket at the factory and can swing 180 degrees sideways - so you have a great action radius! Your tractor should have at least a power of 45-50 hp. During operation, a support may be hydraulically extended to increase stability. In contrast to many competition models, the Jansen BHM-225 is a very robust and heavy version with a weight of 600 kg. The tearing force on the bucket is 1700 kg! The excavator is operated via a cross control system. As an option, we offer the following accessories for our rear dredgers: 260 mm bucket 500 mm bucket 900 mm bucket bucket without teeth Excavator thumbs - very helpful in order to easily lift tree trunks, stones, slabs, etc. There are a lot of competitors, who are attracting with very reasonable prices. Make sure you always have a personal impression of the seller and the goods. It is best to be at home or at least on the phone. We always see offers that show photos from the Far East ... which suggests that the goods are not in Europe. Also, we often hear from customers that visits or pickups are not possible, cash on delivery payments are not accepted and possibly a deposit before availability is to be provided. We not only developed these devices ourselves but also offered them a competent service master workshop and spare parts supply. We usually have every part in stock. If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone. With us you speak with expert people and not with "call center agents"! Technical data: Mounting: cat. I and cat. II Total length: 3300 mm Trench depth: max. 2250 mm Supporting width: 1700 mm Height: max. 3450 mm Unloading height: max. 2300 mm Pivoting radius: 180 degree Opening angle: Blade: 203 degree Blade force: 1700 kg Um .: 540 Hydraulic pressure: 160 bar Flow rate: 40 lmin. Weight: approx. 810 kg Weight with packaging: approx. 840 kg Dimensions packaging: 2250x1050x2150 mm Remark: The excavator is delivered well packed in a steel frame. For the final assembly, about 1.5 hours should be scheduled. The structure represents i.d.R. Is not a problem, but it is recommended to carry out the assembly in pairs. They still need grease for lubrication, as well as about 20-30 liters of hydraulic oil. Here we recommend an HLP46. If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone.