Essen, Germany
PSR 500


Machine type:
Klingelnberg PSR 500


Klingelnberg PSR 500
Execution / details
The single flank test set for worm gears is designed for the universal testing of worm gear sets and was rebuilt, taking into account the latest knowledge and experience in the field of metrology and modernized. The main advantage is the ease of use, without compromise in compliance with all requirements imposed on the accuracy, reliability and speed of the measurement.

Technical data of Klingelnberg PSR 500

Worm wheel diameter 500 mm
Max screw length 500 mm
Maximum screw diameter 200 mm
Wheelbase 0†¦. 400 mm
Maximum measuring speed 30 U/min
Braking torque 2.5 nm
Max wheel weight 150 kg
Screw weight 50 kg
Table diameter 300 mm
Machine weight 800 kg
Dimensions (LXWXH) 1500 x 1500 x 1600
Accuracy DIN 3974 / quality 1