Emlichheim, Germany
Schredder BX-92RS Häcksler Holzhäcksler Holzschredder Traktorschredder


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The Jansen BX-92RS is the big brother of the BX-62RS. Thanks to its hydraulic retraction, working with this machine is a real pleasure. There is no pushing, pushing, etc. on this model; Do the 2 large feed rollers alone. The speed of the feed rollers can be varied continuously. This is important in order to adjust the feed speed to the diameter of the shredded material. Smaller diameters can be fed in more quickly than larger diameters. If, however, the pull-in is blocked, the pull-back mechanism can be moved into the backward mode via the large bail on the funnel. Furthermore, the pull-in can also be switched off via this bracket. Supply takes place via the tractor hydraulics; A pressure advance and a pressureless return or a double-acting control unit are required. From now on, we are delivering the latest version of the BX-92 - the BX-92 RS, which has a double-sided suspension of the feed rollers and a reinforced intake funnel. There are similar versions of this shredder at partially cheaper prices, but these do not have these reinforcements. This can lead to bending of the draw-in rollers and bearing damage since these are only suspended on one side and one side of the rollers is freely suspended. Also some competitors give your shredders as BX-92, although they are different types. If so, check the competition. The wood chopper is delivered complete with PTO shaft. In the PTO shaft, a shear pin is installed on one side which, for safety reasons, serves as a break point in the event of blockages or overloads. It is thus also possible to use larger tractors with more than 100 hp. You should have at least an engine power of 50 hp available. The PTO speed must be 540 revs. be. The hopper has an opening at the top of 63.5 x 63.5 cm; In the lower part the opening has a dimension of 25.5 x 38 cm. Maximum fresh wood up to a diameter of 25.5 cm can be shredded. Many competitors specify the maximum shredder diameter equal to the dimensions of the lower fill opening, but this is unrealistic and can trigger the safety mechanism in the PTO shaft. Softer woods can be shredded up to a width of 38 cm; Such starches being generally processed into firewood and not chopped. The processing of the BX-92RS is very solid; The material thicknesses of the sheets used are 10 and 12 mm in the load bearing area, 4 and 6 mm on the funnels and non-load bearing parts. Compare these values ​​with competitor models, as this is often saved! For transport, the funnel can be easily folded up and secured by means of a splinter. The shredder has two shock absorbers to make it easier to fold up. The machine is very easy to maintain; The complete flywheel cover can be opened by loosening only one screw and has access to the 4 cutting knives. These blades have double-sided blades so that they can be easily turned if necessary. The flywheel has a weight of 125 kg and has mounted wings, which produce the very strong pull through which ultimately the