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26-32 Metric Ton Amphibious Excavator
Model #: 420-72-72-4B
Amphibious Undercarriage Weight: standard reach.
55,000 pounds (24,947.56 kg)
Excavator Weight:
45,000 pounds (20,411.64 kg)
Gross Weight:
100,000 pounds (45,359.2 kg)
Ground Pressure:
1.75 lbs. P.S.I (0.123 kg/cm2)
Pontoon Dimensions:
35’ 0” (10.66m) Long
6' 0” (1.82m) Wide
6' 0” (1.82m) High
Assembled Dimensions:
38' 0” (11.58m) Long
22' 0” (6.70m) Wide
Approx. 12’ 7” (3.83m) High
Popular use of this equipment includes: pond clearing, land restoration, clearing right of ways, pipe line maintenance, swamp/marsh or water crossing, dredging, and levee building.
Pontoons undercarriage without excavator 6' 9” (2.0m) High
Pontoon construction: Each pontoon has 9 compartments 3 bulkheads providing 4 independent watertight compartments. The pontoon bottoms are reinforced for rough terrain operation.
Drive System: Power for the pontoon tracks is provided by the excavator's diesel engine and main hydraulic pumps through a hydraulic swivel. Hydraulic travel motors, brakes and gearboxes are specifically engineered by Wetland Equipment for operation in all conditions. Pontoon tracks are driven independently. Final reduction is provided by chain and sprocket. Drive axles and sprockets use splined shafts and hubs. No Keyways are used.
Speed: up to 1.5 mph on hard dry surface & 0.5 mph in water (2.4 km/h dry land, 0.8 km/h water)
Gradeability: 100% grade
26-32 Metric Ton Amphibious Excavator
Steering: Standard excavator travel controls are used. Capable of counter rotating by pushing one leaver and pulling the other without moving back and forth or using excavator boom for assistance
Drive Chain: Heavy Duty double crimped roller chain
Track Chain: Four strands of heavy- duty 4" (101.6 mm) pitch marsh buggy track chain per pontoon.
Track Cleats: Specially designed 4" (101.6 mm) marine grade, extruded aluminum alloy cleats with 2 wear pads per cleat
Bearings: Pontoons have bearings on all four corners. No Bushings are used
Pontoon Track chain Adjustment: Track chain adjustments adjust full life of chain without removal of track chain links or cleats. Minimum of 18 in (457mm) on front and rear of pontoon
Paint: Blasted, Zinced, primed, then (customer color choice) Epoxy top coat. Inside pontoon primed to prevent rust (Standard Pontoon color is Black)
Upgrade Options:
Cat Walk: Down both sides of the excavator and around the counterweight fuel tank constructed of Steel bar grading. All designed to mount to the excavator body and bolted in place for easy removal.
Hand Rails: Removable hand rails can be mounted to the catwalks and/or welded to the auxiliary counterweight/fuel tank
Counterweight/fuel tank: Factory counterweight to be deleted and replaced with a 350 gallon (1,324.75 liters) combination fuel tank/ counterweight. Tank duplicates pontoon color and paint process. Tank has its own shut-off and directional valves. Tank is attached to excavator not pontoons. Transfer pumps not required
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