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2002 ELMO Vacuum Technology GmbH
Helsinki, Finland
ELMO-G 2H1943-1GC36


Stock number:
1000 m3/h
Vacuum blowers
Electric motors:
3 x 21 kW both 50 and 60 Hz
Blowers rotation speed:
50 Hz: 2850 rpm 60 Hz: 3520 rpm
Frequency converter type:
3 x Danfors VTL 6000 HVAC
Suction capacity with max vacuum:
16.7 m3/min (50 Hz)
Max pressure difference compression / vacuum:
0.35 / 0.30 bar
Suction capacity with max discharge pressure:
21.5 m3/min (50 Hz)
Processing equipment in Finland
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Vacuum Compressor - Blower 3 x ELMO 1000 m3/h ,3 x 21 kW
Three good condition side channel vacuuum blowers made ny ELMO in year 2002, capacity 1000 m3/h, pressure difference 30 kPa, driven by Danfors made frequency controlled 21 kW electric motor.
ELMO-G 2BH1 Side-Channel Vacuum Pump - Blower 1000 m3/h, 30 kPa, 21 kW
The blowers are made by German ELMO Vacuum Technology GmbH, a Siemens company in year 2002 and they are single stage, gas ring type. The vacuum pumps were in dust collection duty and were dismantled in year 2007. The units can be sold separately and the delivery includes blower with air filter in suction side and silencer on outlet side and Danfors frequency converter. They have been stored in warm warehouse ever since dismantling and thus they are in good operational condition. We have three identical pump units installed on one rack.
ELMO-G vacuum pumps can be used for suction operation or as compressors in pneumatic transportation system. They have side-channel principle using gas ring as a sealing and the gas flows through the compressor along a helical trajectory and is repeatedly accelerated and thereby repeatedly compressed according to the required operating point. The blowers are oil-free and thus suitable for various applications. The blowers’ have both suction and discharge noise silencer.
In addition, we can offer a high tech dust filtration system designed to work with this unit. This filtration system includes a preliminary intake air filter and a final air intake filter. The preliminary intake air filters are combination of cyclone and pneumatically cleaned bag filter and it removes most of the dust from inlet air. The fine filter is equipped with a vibrator in dust discharge outlet. System fulfils German BIA classification rate U.