Top Seller
1997 Huppmann 410 hl/brew, 12
Helsinki, Finland
410 hl/brew, 12 brews/day


Stock number:
1 M hl/annum
Brew House Equipment
Malt / brew:
9 000 kg
Processing equipment in Finland
Commercial brewing


Brew House Equipment HUPPMANN 410 HL/brew, 1 Million HL / Annum
Complete beer brew house equipment made by Huppmann in 2002/1997. It includes a large mash filter manufactured by Nordon in 1997. The brewing capacity is 410 hl/brew, 9 tons malt/brew and 12 brews/day. There is the option to set up a second mash tank for doubling Brew house capacity. The beer brewery equipment is controlled by PC and still installed. It can be tested as well.
Brew House Equipment Huppmann 410 HL / brew - 1 M HL/a
Used brew house made by Huppmann in year 2002/1997, 410 hl/brew, with a mash filter, made by Nordon in year 1997. It is complete line, in good condition, not dismantled, it is possible to test the equipment. The brewhouse is controlled by PC.
Installed mash filter Nordon improves the performance of brewing process (compare to filer tank) and allows the use in the production low quality (dusty) malt and the filtration speed and quality do not change.
Capacity: mash tank - 410 HL/brew, malt 9 tn. per brew, 12 brews per day. Bottle neck is mash tank. Brewhouse capacity can be doubled by installation of second mash tank.
List of equipment:
• Mash tank Huppmann, 410 hl, 4200 mm diameter, malt 9 tons per brew, capacity 12 brews per day, year 2002
• Mash tank heat exchanger, API SCHMIDT-BRETTEN type: Si 108 SBL, year 2000
• Ferments dosing system by ProMinent with 3 x 500 liter PVC tanks
• Mash filter Nordon, 53 plates, 1997
• Wort collecting tank, horizontal, 410 hl
• Wort kettle Huppmann, 930 hl, 5200 mm diameter, the heating boiler surface - 55 m2, 2002. Boiling of the wort runs at high pressure that allows to reach temperature of 104 – 106C,
• Hop dosing tanks, Huppmann 3 x 235 liters, year 1998
• Heat exchanger of wort kettle, APV type K55,year 1998
• Whirlpool Huppmann, 650 hl, diameter 5800 mm, year 2002
• Press-filter buffer tanks, Huppmann, 1999
• Tank for collecting protein
• Piping, pumps, valves, etc.
• Computer control system of brewhouse based on the PC.