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2007 Heuft GmbH Heuft In-Line
Helsinki, Finland
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Up to 70 000 bph
Bottle Inspection Device
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Empty Glass Bottle Inspector HEUFT Spectrum InLine with Reflexx - 2007
Very good condition empty glass bottle inspection system HEUFT InLine with Reflexx Image Processing, capacity up to 70 000 bph, made in year 2007
Empty Glass Bottle
Heuft InLine Spectrum with Reflexx Image Processing, cap 50 000 - 70 000 bph
This Inline Heufht EBI was made in year 2007 and relocated in 2011. Today it is still installed but not in use nor connected to the power.This EBI has HEUFT Specrum and Reflexx parts and it is designed for class bottles, sizes 0.33 and 0.5 liters. The capacity of this Inline EBI is min 50 000 bph and equipment is in very good condition.
This Heuft inline EBI makes the following scans:
For detecting residual material in a bottle it has both HF (High Frequency) and IF (Infra Red) detections systems. During HF scanning an electric field is generated in the base area of the container. Conductive liquids in a container change this field. Even a single drop of lye can be reliably detected with this HF system. The IR detection is based on the absorption of infrared radiation in a liquid. Non-conductive material can be detected by a special sensor which measures the infrared radiation which has passed through.
Sidewall inspection is made rotating bottle full 90 degree and it will be optically examined all around bottle in order to detect all possible contamination and damage. Finishing inspection for faults and cracks on the bottle finish wide range of analysis tools for specifically identifying critical faults around the bottle opening. For this LED strobes project different colored rings of light from above onto the bottle opening. Their reflections are specifically analyzed with an interaction of high-resolution camera technology and high-performance image processing and filter procedures. Faulty bottles are removed directly from the production flow. The inspection covers the complete sealing surface of the finish but also the sealing lip, the locking ring and the curved side finish area below it.
The EBI has optical HEUFT thread detection system which inspects the screw closure finish on a glass bottle completely. The system takes a picture of the complete circumference of the closure area with two separate cameras and mirror cabinets. The individual pictures of the different views are then put together and checked for faults.
This EBI is equipped with powerful Heuft Reflexx image processing system which is combining several camera pictures and X-ray images in real time. The HEUFT InLine with HEUFT reflexx technology offers an optimal fault detection with a minimum false rejection rate. In this way standard glass bottles which contain the following foreign objects are detected with a reliability of 99.9 % and rejected.