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2005 Krones Lavatec KD-2 Double
Helsinki, Finland
Lavatec KD-2 Double Ended


Stock number:
Lavatec KD-2 – 88 – 430
Made by:
Krones AG
60 000 bph
Bottle Washer for returnable glass bottles 60 000 bph
Control plc:
Siemens Simatic S 7 -400
Made in year:
Total operating hours:
Processing equipment in Finland


Bottle Washing Machine KRONES Lavatec KD 60 000 bph
Very good condition, double ended bottle washer Krones Lavatec KD-2, year 2005. Nominal capacity is 60 000 bph, used for 0.33 and 0.5 liter bottles. Check more!
Bottle Washing Machine Krones Lavatec KD-2 double ended, 60 000 bph
Double End Bottle Washer with pre-cleaning section, 3 different caustic washing zones, and 2 hot water and one fresh water rinsing zones. The equipment was made by Krones in year 2006, it was designed for 0.3 and 0.5 liter glass bottles. In washing process, bottles are first heated in the pre-jetting and freed of coarse impurities. Afterwards they pass through the three caustic immersion tanks to completely wash away any dirt and label residues. Labels and other impurities will be collected and disposed. Clean bottles are rinsed first with hot water and then with fresh cold water.
Made by: Krones AG
Made in year: 2005
Type: Lavatec KD-2 – 88 – 430
General Data
Nominal performance 60 000 bph
Adjustable performance min / max 25000/72000 bph
Number of holders of bottle cells total 644 pcs
Number of bottles in a row 49 pcs
Chain step 110 mm
Magazine step 80 mm
Number of bottles in the car 25284 pcs
Bottle diameter min / max (plastic cell) 54/72 mm
Height bottles min / max 150/270 mm
Cycle time 2.94 sec
Handling time 25,2 min
Machine Size
The width of the machine body 4.3 m
Machine width (full) (plug-in sieve) 9.5 m
Length of machine 14.6 m
Height of machine (without clearance) 4.2 m
The height of the input conveyor 1.1 m
The height of the output conveyor 1.2 m
Machine empty weight 113 tons
Machine operating weight 216 tons
Number of supports 34 pcs
Operating Parameters
Treatment at 80 °C
Alkaline soaking 10,48 min
Immersion and injection 10,59 min
Immersion, injection and filling 11,77 min
Internal caustic injection 0,22 min
Fresh water injection 0,44 min
Exposure time 11,66 min
Caustic processing time 11,88 min
The contact time with caustic 15,14 min
Consumption figures in normal operation phase with 0.5 liter, 360 grams bottles
Temperature alkali 80 С
Water consumption, total 13 m3/h
Water consumption / bottle 0.22 liters
Heat consumption, 4 bar steam (without insulation) 2416 MJ / h